Meet A Musk Ox Monday: Littleman!

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It's only fitting that Littleman the Legend is our first musk ox to be featured in a new series we hope to continue each week! Every Monday, you'll get to meet a member of our herd, and learn about their personalities and a few fun facts about their physical traits and arctic adaptations.💚 We hope you enjoy meeting Littleman!

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He is wonderful! Oomingmac. I am an artist and have done drawings of musk ox when I worked for Alaska magazine. Many years ago now. I also used a pick like that when I sported an afro back in the 60's. Keep up the great work with these wonderful creatures.

Author — Linda Carey


Wow! Littleman is so beautiful! Something about ox is so special, big tough grafters of the tundra. They're alot smaller than I thought they were, I was under the impression they could rival bison!

Author — Ria Baxter


Cool vid!
The moulted coat that you brush out - do you use that for anything?

Author — The Great Sebastiano


I love the Musk Ox but have never seen one in the flesh. I was going to ask the reason that you farm them but have seen your reply to another comment..
Thanks for letting us meet Littleman. He's handsome!

Author — Ruby Tuesday


Do you know how I can purchase a skein of muskox yarn? I have heard it is warmer than wool and lighter than silk. Beautiful animal!

Author — Mary Jo Norum


Theres something about seeing arctic Musk Ox given pet names, spoon fed and brushed in a cow pen that seems to take something of natures wild spirit away.
Eventually they're just going to be sheep lol

Author — C Rutherford