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Sumo wrestlers enter training stables, or beyas, as young teens and dedicate their lives to the sport until they retire. Training involves incredible food intake, heavy beer consumption as a means of weight gain and daily full-contact sparring. Along with the health impacts, most wrestlers leave the sport with little education and less money. In this VICE Sports exclusive, we visit with two retired rikishis to get their take on life after sumo.

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"It's not an end. It's a shift, a change in momentum. It's like it was raining so I wore rainboots and I switched to shoes. I changed my outfit. I changed my path."

Author — Ray Liance


it's funny they got skinny after retired. football players get fat in an off season.

Author — howo357


I've been training to be a sumo without knowing it

Author — Ethan Porter


In America, everyone is a sumo wrestler. Or at least, they look like they are.

Author — p3achFUZZ69


It should be longer then 4 minutes. This theme  deserves full length documentary!!

Author — 010bit010


The Japanese have such a respect and love for whatever craft they do. Always striving to be the best.

Author — Attest411


"Its not an end. It was a shift, a change in momentum" Wow....Love this line!

Author — RideSmoothTV


When an asian, especially a Japanese told you "its too difficult", dont bother to think about the difficulty anymore, its impossibru for you.

Author — Nazirul Mnoor


"I changed my outfit. I changed my path."

Author — BHammer


Why the sad tone music while these men are telling their story's? It should be uplifting music, their story's are extremely motivational, they both tried to take on a dream and made progress then things got bad for them and they bounced back and continued to live while finding new dreams!

Author — Mr Blank


10 years less than the average Japanese citizen = 90 years old

Author — Dick Jones


just when I get really into it the video is over.

Author — morpheus101a


It's not just Sumo, According to statistics, Most athletes in football, basketball, baseball, tennis, olympics etc. when retired will either have to get day to day jobs or coaching jobs, unless you are in the top 1% of the sport with fame and fortune, which won't happen to the majority of the athletes population in their lifetime anyways.

Author — Benjamin Sthav Ryu


I actually don't think that the point of this video is 'never giving up'. I think the point of this video is not to force things. It's a taoist philosophy that's underneath it all. They all seem to be clear-minded in their pursuits, and when they encounter immovable objects, they don't push against them, they turn and find something new. Finding a new path.

Author — FMSpeedart


Translation error at 3:31. Akujunkan is vicious cycle not bad circulation...

I'll also add that they imply that all the wrestlers do is eat, spar, drink, and sleep. Their training is mostly stretching, skill based exercises, training (with weights, striking column, etc.), and finally sparring. They're not just fat. They're very muscular and the fat is just a consequence of optimizing themselves for the rules and skills of the sport (low center of gravity, heavy weight to avoid being knocked over or lifted easily). This is like the "center" (the guy who pitches/passes the ball back at the start of every play) in American football favors a big, heavy yet strong body type... Except the sumo wrestler always has to make initial, significant and often sustained contact in every encounter.

Author — Kimoto


"It's not an end. It's a shift, a change in momentum." So much respect for this guys outlook on life.

Author — The Zilv


"Eating is part of the job" literally my dream job

Author — lucy jones


I really love documentaries about Japan their culture and views in life is completely different from where I am.

Author — Faint Sherin


Training involves incredible food intake, heavy beer consumption as a means of weight gain and daily full-contact sparring. Shit, I'm 2/3 there.

Author — Knoar


Do one of life after ballet, in Russia, or China.

Author — David Boson