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ELEX Review 2.5

ELEX reviewed by TJ Hafer on PC. Also available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

ELEX - Gameplay Trailer:

ELEX Official Gameplay Trailer: Berserker Faction:

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did you know ELEX reads backwards XELE which means nothing?

Author — diogo costa


Ign hates it and that means it's an instant buy for me. Already 30 hours in and enjoying it.

Author — clickboym2k


"All our reviewers don't like games and are really bad at playing them" - IGN

Author — Sannidor


Sounds like it's too hard for the reviewer lol

Author — ChrisWellejus


Fights skulls, says games to hard. Skull enemies are supposed to be unkillable because they're far higher level than you.

Author — Joshua B


Honestly this game is a lot more tolerable than most modern triple AAA games these days. At least elex doesn't suffer from microtransactions.

Author — sasori obinna mii


That Moment when a reviewer rates a game bad because he doesnt get how the combat works... welp, i guess its IGN.

Author — Edward Oliveira


this is why i don't like your reviews.

Author — lavll88


What a terrible reviewer just wow, shocking...

Author — SMC


COD games 9/10 for being "something new and fresh" but an ambitious game that people put hard work and love in to, to make something truly new and interesting gets a 4.9.Yes it has buggs and flaws, like any other game but it will still be better then any COD or Battlefield game.If you give any new idea a low score just because its new then games will never evolve to be better.

Author — Faith


This is my first game from the devs and the game starts really slow, but gets much better after a while. But this review makes the game out to be much worse, than it really is, at the moment after about 15 hours of gameplay i give it 8/10.

Author — Gene Finland


What a horrible, generic and vague review. I'm about 20 hrs in and thoroughly enjoying it. I can't believe you brought up dark souls here... What a goof. Anyways if you're interested in elex watch a different review, ign doesn't like this German company. There is no way it deserves this low of a score even with it's faults.

Author — Prototype 81


This review seems rushed... and I mean REALLY rushed!

Author — ISADORE


A small team creating a 50+ hours long open world rpg with multiple endings, give it 4, 9. But Cod and Star wars battlefront will get 10, 10 because it's all about microtransictions, season passes, pre orders, dlcs and loot boxes.

Author — ivan deloo


wouldn't be an ign review if they didn't bring up Dark Souls

Author — squidbilly9


OMG! No, let's all play the ubisoft and EA games, they are really cool!!! Pres red button, now pres green button, watch the scripted play, now quickly pres yellow button and run towards the flashing big f***ing marker on the screen... repeat the process 500x more times... and let the mind rest.

Author — Sava Stankovic


Can't think of a more flawed, false, incomplete, review. IGN is gettin pathetic.

Author — Gian Telodico


Your attack spamming vs. actually taking advantage of the combat meter shows me everything I need to know. Elex is easily working it's way into my top 3 games of the year, the combat is smart and satisfying when you do it right and not fumbling with multiple rolls and spamming the trigger with no method.

Author — Kraken3dfx


I have always been a fan of PB games and to me Elex is the best game they put out since Risen 1 on pc. It is a true hardcore rpg with actual choices and a great faction/reputation system. There are many ways you can build your character and the open world design is solid. This game has its flaws and PB games aren't for everyone but I love it!

Author — bassseb


I don't care for bugs, I'm having a blast, 20 hours in, level 18. It's the best RPG (as opposed to action games pretending to be RPGs) in ages. You actually run slower if your character has bad stats. You HAVE to avoid most enemies if you are level 1. Ok, you can cheese them but why would you do that, if you can do early quests and level up first to handle them and have fun doing that? Fighting at level 18 and at level 1 feel like different games. There's additional skills (jetpack attack, riposte), dodging is viable, and it don't take 40 hits to kill the enemy.

 If you have problem with that - choose a different game. But the feeling of achievement when you level up and come back to roflstomp these enemies is something you can't experience in modern RPGs.

I loved The Witcher 3, but it wasn't really an RPG, it was mostly action game with some optional RPG systems added. ELEX is RPG first, and stats and skills MATTER. I'm just glad they still make such games, when most reviewers bash them for that. And yeah, there are bugs, but mostly minor stuff. I haven't had a crash or unsolvable quest yet. I had some collision detection problems and inconsistent hitboxes and fall damage.

Author — Ajuć 00