Cort X700 Review

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Cort X700

D Addario Lubrikit ( For the guitar nut)

Big Bends Nut Sauce

String Swing wall hangers

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Klotz 15ft Cable with breaker ( You will never go back)

Fender Super Sonic

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💬 Comments

"Ooh, a lot of alan wrenches. So I wonder if it's a Floyd Rose." The immediate loss of enthusiasm was palpable, haha

Author — Scott Nufer


you should be careful where you’re dropping things. you’re breaking a lot of glass

Author — Michael Fischer


You just needed a "boyyoyyoiiinngg" sound effect for the broken string

Author — BoomStick!


Put it in your back pocket, so you can find it in the washing machine or dryer later like I do. Great method for organizing things.

Author — LDFox11


If your in tone trouble, go to Cort, lots of big brands do 🤘🏽

Author — Poo Ninja


man you should try Cort Basses, I´ve got an artisan c4 and that thing is versatile af

Author — isaac fredes


I was considering getting one of those a few months back. I'm impressed that they're giving you Stainless Steel frets for under $1000

Author — Jason Gearhart


Big Bens Nut Sauce cracks me up for some reason 🤣

Author — Ken Hall


I love Cort guitars quality and control, you get so much for little price. Perhaps they could have better colors, but when it comes to parts they are excellent.

Author — unique_insight2


That guitar looks very solidly built and it sounds decent, shredders are gonna dig this one.. as I always say, we're living in a golden era for gear! Cheers!

Author — Krenar Cilku Guitar


That Crimson Guitar Kit you built, really stole my attention

Best looking guitar I have seen in a while

Author — Rocky_311


That thing is really beautiful and if I even knew it existed I would never bought my Ibanez RGD

Author — chrisdigital


I received my Cort X700 Duality last week and it's amazing. The nut is real bone, but came pretty rough in the slots (the depth and positioning were perfect at least), which was causing pinging and tuning instability with the tremolo, and after a quick polishing inside the slots, which I do on all my guitars anyways, with some string and metal polish, the string slots are now as smooth as glass, and tuning stability is perfect. I actually use regular sewing thread, and keep doubling about 6" of length (up to 50-60 strands on the low E), until I twist the strands together and it's the correct diameter for whatever slot I am working on. Then I rub some metal polish in the string, tightly twist the strands until the string is perfectly round, and 30 seconds of back and forth in the slot mostly pushing downward to the bottom and a little on the sides, the slots now look like glass, and it doesn't remove enough material to mess with the nut fit. It's kind of like final finishing the slots with 15000-20000 grit sanding cord of the perfect diameter, and when you are done, the slots look as shiny as glass. I then use a little nut grease in the slots (but any nut lube would be fine), and tuning stability is now perfect. This means the Cort tremolo system is perfect, but just needs the nut slots to be smooth and lubed (like all tremolo's do with non-locking nuts). Cort advertises that the tremolo block and saddles are stainless steel. Also, the factory fretwork on the stainless steel frets was extremely nice (they especially had really nice and smooth and rounded edges), but I took it one step further, and mirror polished all the frets when I had the strings off to polish the nut (I also reshaped the nut a little to round out the side edges to make it more comfortable). These couple of little easy tweaks made the guitar instantly feel and play like a $2, 000+ guitar. Very happy with the guitar, and it sounds amazing, with a very low and fast action. Very resonate body and neck, and sustains for days. There is nothing like the feel of mirror polished stainless frets on a guitar. String bending feels like you are cheating. I was in the other room yesterday, and overheard this guitar apologizing to all my other guitars for making them look so bad... 😁 I think the Fender's are holding a grudge still, because I keep catching them rolling their eyes at the Cort... 👍

Author — Brian Doctor


FWIW the FIRST thing I do with a new guitar is put a new set of strings on.

Author — Jim Ridings


My first guitar was a Cort so i'm always gonna have a soft spot for them, and i'm glad to see they're going the FGN route giving us high quality instruments for less.

Author — john jones


If I just saw a picture of that, I would've assumed it was some kind of custom Kiesel Aries lol

Author — Derek Wisby


The world is going nuts. This Cort guitar is more expansive at Thomann than the Gibson SG I bought from them.

Author — frieswijk


yeah that's impressive considering everything said about the neck and fretboard! Looks like they have a blue one like that also!

Author — Za Z


I like Cort guitar, they always deliver a great guitar for the money.

Author — rockerfromhk


"you can eat these. No, don't eat these, kids" 😂

Author — Eamon Ahern