Tucker: Homelessness has no obvious solution

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Tucker: Homelessness has no obvious solution 5

'Tucker Carlson Tonight' investigates the nation's homeless crisis and the decay of American cities.

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There might be no obvious solution so how can u bring in immigrants until you first save your own people.

Author — ksanurse


Imagine being so woke that you blame Trump for YOUR policies 😂

Author — gmu_alum08


Just wait until homelessness starts affecting women more. THEN there'll be a solution. While it affects men predominantly, not so much.

Author — Dr Falcon


And yet these California politicians want to tell the American people how to live .if it were left up to them the whole nation would be like this

Author — Virgil Dillon


Where is George Clooney, Madonna, Bono and all the other save the world from right wing thinking crowd hypocrites.

Author — Mike Cruickshanks


This is Pelosi's accomplishment after 30 years in Congress while getting richer.

Author — Invictum Lupus


San Francisco has a booming poop map industry.

Author — PissedFechtmeister


Throw all the democrat politicians in jail and turn their mansions and estates into community centers for the homeless lol

Author — Carl Tepes


Stop giving them syringes and hand outs. They will realize soon enough if they want to live they need to work. The crazies should be institutionalized.

Author — Safire says


Imagine a Japanese family leaving Japan for their first ever holiday abroad and having THIS be their first impression of America...my sphincter is contracting due to the unexpected power of the wince.

Author — CiganyWeaver and her periwinklebluespacecaravan


Thank you Tucker for shining a light on this. Absolutely appalling what is going on.

Author — Linda Strawberry


They want this for the rest of America. Awesome.

Author — ŜǢŦĦŨL·


I'm not a zombie guy but this is like zombie apocalypse 😦

Author — Reggie Rightwing


So, you’re telling me three of the most rich & progressive states in the country, California, Oregon and Washington, have the highest concentration of homelessness? 🤔

Really activates the almonds...

Author — Addy White


Post Christian society no longer holding it's community to a standard.

Author — Kevin Johnson


Thank you for bringing attention to Seattle Tucker, my state embarrasses me and it deserves to be called out!

Author — AlleyCa7


Homelessness has a solution, The obliteration of the democrat party.

Author — Zeek M


Liberals aren’t even willing to help their own people and they want to allow illegal immigrants into our country

Author — Soma Darjeeling


Virtue is the answer
But u can’t teach children virtue in
A school system that teach
Little boys they can be little girls

Author — Him Bike


Democrat controlled states, go figure.

Author — kelperdude