Iran announces it seized foreign oil tanker

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Iran announces it seized foreign oil tanker 4.5
Iran's Revolutionary Guard claims the vessel was caught trying to smuggle Iranian oil to foreign ships; Trey Yingst reports. #FoxNews

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How do you "smuggle" that much oil? I'm confused. I can't smuggle a cookie to the living room without my dog knowing what I'm doing 😫🍪

Author — Aitutakikuuipo


So Iran caught itself smuggling it's own fuel? Great detective work LoL!

Author — Hunter Jones


Could you imagine if it were considered newsworthy every time the US seized an American ship just outside their waters?
This is literally a nothing burger.

Author — carl witt


Iran is butthurt over their oil tanker getting seized, so they seized one of their own

Author — Isaiah Saavedra


This was music to my ears, let Iran give the west more of a reason to hit them hard...

Author — Anglo Saxon


Lol. Iran sure is getting desperate for attention.

Author — reset button


*typo Iranians took back THEIR STOLEN carry on people

Author — SeN!o


Iranian ship, seized by Iran...To show how tough they are

Author — Overlord


“We haven’t been attempting to seize oil tankers”

“We just seizes an oil tanker”

Author — wowalinbie


Thanks Jimmy Carter your left wing limp
legacy left this mess for the world to deal with

Author — gwyn Stephen


How about a convoy escort like in ww2?

Author — Noel Normandin


((Breaking News)) It has been reported that congress has alloted funds for a memorial to Nancy Pelosi called "Mount Lushmore"😌

Author — Dan McFarland


Welcome to the Salty Spitoon, how tough are ya?

Iran: How tough am I?
How tough am I?
I seized one of my own ships.

Author — AJRacing


That's the first Navy Colonel I've ever seen.

Author — Rob Hutchins


Just avoid the area altogether and buy from AMERICA!!

Author — N Ex


I just had to watch a Domino's pizza ad on this Channel and it was in Spanish I will no longer be eating Domino's

Author — Nathan Bouchard


America go take care of it, "WE DON'T FEEL LIKE IT"😁😁😁

Author — Jesse Tankersley


Couldn't steal British ship.
Iran: Steals it's own ship. 200 IQ play. Well done Iran.

Author — Kaliss


The IRGC finally took on a tanker more their size. Lol
First they hire it, and then they pretend s military action to seize it. Lmao

Author — United we Stand


*Day 4. Hassan Rouhani's nanny goat is still missing. Last seen wearing a red romper, with black patent leather pumps!*

Author — Iam N.