What a guy! Vishy Anand beats Levon Aronian | Global Chess League 2023

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 months ago

Vishy Anand representing Ganges Grandmasters is in scintillating form at the Global Chess League 2023. In the first four rounds he had already beaten Duda and MVL. It was now the 5th round and Vishy was up against Levon Aronian (Triveni Continental Kings). Check out this exciting battle between two fantastic players with the commentary of IM Sagar Shah.

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Without sagar's commentry i wouldn't even know they're calculating 4 moves ahead 🥶

Author — @Abhi-un9lk


Looking at this game, I understand something of the terror that Anand used to inspire earlier in his career. He is playing quickly, fearlessly, , and accurately, resembling the player he used to be in the 2007-2010 era. I wonder if he has any interest in playing the candidates. I expect he would beat Ding in this form.

Author — @karthiksheshadri6600


Anand is like the Professor who knows exactly what he is doing. He is so calm and composed, like someone who has understood the mechanics to the core and is always in control

Author — @krishnasarda1985


Anand, the magician before technology took over. We can still see his creativity and unorthodox gameplay even in the age of engines.

Author — @ekaanshchamoli5822


still got it ?, Vishy is a Five-time World Champ & a Legend of the Game. of course he's still got it... 💗

Author — @udarajayawardena2018


Vishy is calculating very fast. Setting traps everywhere.Aronion played well

Author — @prnathan633


Vishy needs to be in next year’s candidates, I think he’ll have as good of a chance as anyone to win.

Author — @smrtguy77777


He’s one of the top chess players of all time, total

Author — @RoyGangdhar


Vishy literally suffocated Levon's king, bishop and rook in a corner.. What an awesome game..

Author — @mayanktiwari02


Vishy is India's undisputed no.1 for the last 40 and here he shows

Author — @naveenbhat1930


One of the reasons chess commentary is essential is you get to know the foresight / reason behind every move.

Author — @quickpink


This inspire me to begin my chess career at only 39, I can be champion like Vishy 🤣

Author — @supralex1


5:00 Underappreciated rap..What a commentator !!

Author — @sehajdeepsingh7427


Actually vishy was on fire throughout this tournament as the magnus game was also without underpromotion it would have been a draw...!

Author — @keerthivasan2758


the Unsung Legend of Chess.. True Master Class.. one and only Anand Sir

Author — @kumarmh1554


Vishy is a promising pupil and a prodigy.

Author — @pwned2ice


Nice commentary. Makes it easier to understand the plays

Author — @veggy4985


sagar shah is a peice of beauty legit, the commentary is a saving grace for all amateurs like me watching it, n after listening to sagar's analysis on why the gm did or did not play a certain move, its like tf, damnn

Author — @siddharthnayak1319


I think Levon did not recover from his personal loss yet, may the Almighty bless him. And very good game by Anand.

Author — @ns7379


Good commentary by Sri Sagar Shah Ji….keep it up! 👍

Author — @krishnadossd