The story of 'Oumuamua, the first visitor from another star system | Karen J. Meech

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The story of 'Oumuamua, the first visitor from another star system | Karen J. Meech 4.5
In October 2017, astrobiologist Karen J. Meech got the call every astronomer waits for: NASA had spotted the very first visitor from another star system. The interstellar comet -- a half-mile-long object eventually named `Oumuamua, from the Hawaiian for "scout" or "messenger" -- raised intriguing questions: Was it a chunk of rocky debris from a new star system, shredded material from a supernova explosion, evidence of alien technology or something else altogether? In this riveting talk, Meech tells the story of how her team raced against the clock to find answers about this unexpected gift from afar.

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When aliens ride by our solar system in their UFO they tell their kids to lock the doors.

Author — RC Doomslayer


...should’ve called it ‘ALOHA’...Hello & Goodbye 👋👽🛸

Author — sunia akaveka


I feel unease because the speaker is like gasping for air. I was like suffocating

Author — Eric Ibo


For all we know it could've been sent by a collection of mega advanced civilastions to map out the galaxy kinda like a Google map car

Author — Karlito Yah


We here to learn bruh not talk about her breathing.

Author — Equilateral Paradox


It definitely is intelligent. It took one look at earth and kept going!

Author — velveetaslingshot


It is a projectile meant to hit us but it missed. It will be back after calibration.

Author — soxy topacio


who else came here for aliens? i feel robbed :(

Author — Ciné Musique


Kind of astronomy topic is what I love a lot, could TED invite more astronomers or researchers to talk about kind of issue like this?

It’s really interesting

Author — 尋找快樂


If they are aliens

I just hope they're friendly refugees like district 9.

...and not evil New World Order aliens like XCOM 2

Author — Don


We should build a wall around our solar system. We can’t let illegal migrant asteroid get into our solar system. Let Mexico pay for it.

Author — LolGuy


*asteroid enters our solar system"
"OH my god! Everyone drops ship, let's hold onto this"

Astroid: Bruhh..

Author — zzzhuh


Can hear her nose hairs when she nose breaths

Author — Zeek O


she's out of breath from standing still talking

Author — USAOnlineCasinos


My dumb theory: it's an alien space ship that was in a vicious battle that disguised itself from its enemy and from us.
10:36-So, you're saying it is alien trash from another solar system?

Author — kempmt1


Earthlings: we really wanna know if we’re not alone in the universe

Aliens: send rock

Author — cece dawkins


It isnt the first object of outer solar system.. 😆 We just didnt had technology to detect previous.

Author — Raitis Puķītis


It's a huge space dildo ...
get over it..
there's probably a bunch of extraterrestrial beings trying to troll us..

Author — Chuck Black


"I wanna talk to the manager".

Author — Tomas Egeborg


"Kids, I will turn this asteroid around, right now !!!"

Author — MrT6R6E6Y6