Budapest: The Best of Hungary

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Budapest: The Best of Hungary 4.5

Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide | We soak in elegance at the thermal Széchenyi Baths, stomp and slap with traditional dancers at a folk concert, visit the Communist All-Stars in Statue Park, remember Hungary's secret police at the House of Terror, sample some paprika in the Great Indoor Market Hall, and cruise under floodlit monuments on the Danube.

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Isten, áldd meg a Magyart... Gretings from Poland!!!! ZawszeRazem!!! 

Author — panicz83


most beautiful city in the world. i miss you Budapest.

Author — Michael Bentz


Beautiful Budapest! Warm hugs and kisses from Romania

Author — Doina MCC


Love from France to Hungary. Some people from your country changed my life. 

Author — Poseclop q


Greetings from romania!Hope this stupid conflict bettwen countryes ends

Author — a p


Myself being half Hungarian, I would love to visit Budapest.

Author — victor chippewa


Hungary is so beautiful, I really want to visit Budapest some day!

Author — Liam S


Hungarian Brothers, Polish people always help you!!! Thank you for 11.11.2013 !!! 

Author — Hools Hools


I would love to live there....Greetings from Ireland :)

Author — Elinora Ní Bhriain


Me and my mom visited Budapest last year and fell in love with the city and its people! Definitely going back! Greetings from Germany :)

Author — Anna


Beautiful city, friendly people
Love from India

Author — P H


I highly recommend Budapest. It was the best city trip I ever made. Loved it!!
It is beautiful, safe, friendly people, clean, cheap. I loved everything about it. The hungarian baths are AMAZING

Author — AnneLien1987


As a native of Bucharest, I salute Budapest, the best city in all of Europe :)

Author — nttChris Chris


Greetings from Moscow, Russia! Budapest is a wondrous city, hopefully I will visit it one day!

Author — Daniel Voskoboynikov


hungary is so beautiful. i was totally fascinated, it's rich in history, culture, food, people and especially the nature.

Author — Liz Debrei


Respect from Poland :) Hungarian Brothers
Polak Węgier dwa bratanki i do szabli i do szklanki !!! 

Author — ANTY


My husband & myself have been to Budapest twice and we found it really safe & loved our time there, from two Irish fans....

Author — Elfin Ryan


Budapest looks awesome. I hope one day I will be able to see this city. Greetings from Poland.

Author — katebootz


what a lovely country is, hungary looks so beautiful

Author — choorela


Greetings from Poland ! God Bless Hungary !

Author — mirek marek