Post Game Interview With Jacoby Brissett | TNF Nightcap

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I wish this man had Deshaun’s level of talent, because he truly is an angel among us.

Author — David Bernat


I think starting out his career playing under Bill Belichick and Tom Brady really helped him out and then going to The colts playing with Andrew luck. Love this guy

Author — Tom Home


That is a humble good Guy. Cleveland should be 3-0 at this point with him behind center

Author — Steven & Tracey Jiles


As a Colts fan I'm so glad to see him having success and a real opportunity.

Author — LeopardGeckoFry


I’m not a baker hater but one I think I do enjoy having with Jacoby that Baker was missing is that maturity and being able to maintain maturity through out games.

Author — Haydo the Babe


We were lucky to snag him. A very nice backup that is capable of starting and winning games. A clear upgrade from Baker. Even if DeShaun was suspended for the season, the Browns were better off with Jacoby. I love to see the confidence he was building the last two games. He's pretty damn good.

Author — Tom K


All im going to say is he fits being in Cleveland.

Author — MTM TV


Browns run game was crazy good . QB came in clutch

Author — A D


Seeing Jacoby do well will always make me smile. I maintain that he's a positive addition to any locker room. I respect the hell out of him and to me he'll always be welcome in Indy

Author — Andy Ruggles


Imagine having a qb that can see over the lineman. Breathe of fresh air

Author — Matthew Andrea


With a great defense, Chubb+Hunt, good TEs, good o-line, Cooper, and a good coach in Stefanski…

Browns could win a lot of games with Brissett. Very cool and collected, mature, can make most throws and run for a few on a broken play. Not elite, nothing too special, but he also lacks the dumb mistakes. Gives me Alex Smith vibes. Loved by teammates and can win with a good surrounding cast. Shouldn’t have traded for Watson… ruined the whole “lovable losers who are finally relevant” thing they had going on.

Author — Arend Rollo


When a QB can hit a receiver directly in the facemask, it says a lot about their accuracy.

Author — Defender Of Logic


Jacoby Brissett is demonstrating that he is the definition of the Smart, Tough, Accountable players that Andrew Berry and Stefanski have been trying to acquire to help change the culture. Excellent pickup.

Author — Duzzit Matter


As a Browns fan, I see him getting better weekly. I almost want Watson to take the entire year off (if Jacoby continues to excel).

Author — G Gates


Love this guy and love the way he has taken the reigns in Cleveland. Great to watch

Author — BlueMoonday


Congratulations Jacoby Brissett being player of the game keep up the great job

Author — Isaiah Cockrell


" I got one week " this guy is amazing.

Author — Richard Jackson


Rooting for Jacoby, what a journey from his first start with the pats week 3, 2016.

Author — Scruff D0g


Jacoby is bittersweet between mayfield and watson. I like him so much more than baker. I love Jacoby's confidence. He's gonna make me like him so much I won't want Watson back. Hopefully we can keep him as part of the team and a lethal backup qb.

Author — Dylankozy15


Classy fella, Jacoby is. His humbleness off the field makes him likable for his fans. His fire on the field makes him likable for his guys. You know Bitonio hits a little harder when Jacoby is having a good game. Willis Jr keeps his block for another second when it’s going good. Guys feed off of that energy. Especially when it’s their qb and they’re pushing down the field. Shout out to the rest of his supporting cast. The tailbacks and the pass catchers, all had a good night. Go Browns!!

Author — the1jaydubdee