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Visiting North Korea | DW Documentary 4.5
Few tourists manage to peek behind the iron curtain of North Korea's dictatorship. But the journalist Luca Faccio managed to visit Kim Jong Un's regime.

Anyone venturing behind the world’s last Iron Curtain into North Korea will experience a very different country to the one we know only through the usual images of rocket launches and mass rallies. The country is ruled by the dictator Kim Jong Un, whom the people worship - or are made to worship - as a god-like father figure. Little is known about daily life in North Korea, because all images that reach the outside world have been censored by the government. Visitors rarely see evidence of oppression, enforced conformity and starvation in the rural population. Still, journalist Luca Faccio is able to offer some interesting insights into the isolated country - although, of course, government watchdogs are on his heels everywhere he goes.

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One thing that I noticed ; there no obese people in North Korea !!!! With the exception of there beloved leader ...

Author — Veaceslav Baciu


I am a Korean and I served in the army at the front line.
From the guard post, i can see North Korean soldiers through a telescope.
We laugh when we see each other.


Author — 김윤호


"Here is our cloning lab..."


Author — Leo


It’s pretty much the biggest hostage situation

Author — Killjoy26


Seems to me you could make a lot of money owning a flower shop in NK.

Author — I amcarbonandotherbits.


13 newspapers with 1 oppinion? -they're better off than the rest of us then, we have tens of thousands but usually 1 or 2 narratives aswell.

Author — Steffen Bryde


I see people existing, but not really living.

Author — Michael Hunt


23:41 shocked me; I’ve watched so many North Korean documentaries etc and I’ve never seen a teenager there act like any other teenager in the world - looking at his phone and then waving with a smile. It looked so casual I honestly thought I’d imagined it at first.

(He must be rich af, look at how many bottles of random drinks he’s buying lol)

Author — Pêches Melba


Orwell: Damnit Kim, I meant my book as a warning, not an instruction manual!

Author — The Doge-Emperor of Dogekind


As the narrator said himself, there is a person under the uniform. So if I was him, my biggest concern would be the soldiers well being, and not trying to show the world some insignificant things, that the soldiers regime may find offensive. Because that soldier may get sent to a gulag for showing me something he was not supposed to. Or letting me slide on some miniscule thing like a picture I was not supposed to take. That would be my main concern, especially if I got to know that individual on a friend basis, over a long stretch of time. But these journalists sometimes love to push the envelope, and thereby endanger the ones that let them slide in the first place. I think we must never forget, how oppressed the north Korean people actually are. This country is hell on earth, because where else could your entire family be punished with death, for a mistake you made?

Author — Ed


The music, when inside the textile factory, is hilarious. Also annoying.

Author — Brian Misera


the dude in military uniform was totally right about "you guys just come here acting to be friendly and will then make money out of all these after you leave."...

Author — Virus Xtal


7:30 - This is a great example of someone talking for thirty seconds in Language A, and the translation in Language B being only like five or six seconds long.

Author — KroneYT


“Here are the technical process to clone animals” shown on an old CRT screen lol

Author — Drunken FPV


I'm still wondering too, where do they get all those money to build all those houses?, with all those

Author — Gidion Seleman


Through underground media, illegal smuggling and secretive exports, 90% of the North Koreans know that life across the border is better and if they have a choice, they would not hesitate to move. Since there is no choice for them, they will act and play along with the regime so they can stay alive. If the border is ever opened. NK will be a ghost town

Author — Banhmiso1


North Korea is basically "The Imperium Of Man" without power.

Author — Miles C. Anthony


Now do a documentary on what was done to North Korea during the Korean War.

Author — Beirut Bastard


Unlikely you'll ever be asked back to N. Korea.

Author — Skeet NSSA


North Korea.... where one giant concentration camp meets ThE Truman Show

Author — Critical Mass