Hilly Narrow Village Road-Backhoe Loader-Cutting and Leveling

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Hilly Narrow Village Road-Backhoe Loader-Cutting and Leveling.
In the presented video of jcb backhoe loader, the jcb backhoe loader operator can be seen cutting hill and making a new hilly road for the remote hilly villagers. The jcb backhoe loader operator is cutting hill first and widening, making the trackway for the new hilly road and later after completing the task of cutting hill and making the pathway the jcb backhoe loader operator would level the hilly road. The jcb backhoe loader for now mostly focuses in cutting the hill and the operator would later level the road after completing some portion of the task of cutting hill. The hilly road was for economical purpose and the road is mostly supposed to help the villagers transport themselves easily and also the productions they get from their farmland. The presented also video shows the skills of jcb backhoe loader operator from which jcb backhoe loader learners can learn jcb backhoe skills easily or learn jcb dozer skills easily.
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