Toast Dyno Day #1: Huge Problems Keep Us From Our 1,000+hp Goal!

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Toast Dyno Day #1: Huge Problems Keep Us From Our 1,000+hp Goal! 5

Struggles on the dyno on our first runs with Toast. We're confident we're on our way to reaching that 1000hp goal!

Here's some of the items we got off of Summit Racing:

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I know we’re not running at the level we want to be just yet, but be patient and we’ll get the bald eagles off the ground! Thanks for understanding struggles happen with these new builds.

Author — Cleetus McFarland


Boss makes a dollar, i make a dime, thats why i watch cleetus on company time

Author — Austin Litner


Toast Specifications:
HP: 1000+
Torque: Yes...

Author — ParadigmUnkn0wn


Probably better off taking toast to the hub dyno with all that torque

Author — simon frazer


Well theres the problem... the t-tops are still on. Get them mullet windows off of there

Author — Stephen Sewell


Mans took his car to LS Customs in real life

Author — Burger King Employee


Cleetus shows the good times and the struggles. It makes it real, sets you apart from others

Author — muhctim78


The rev limiter is going to have to be changed! if you want to compete against the best in Australia our cars are revving at 10, 000rpm

Author — Jason Swift


Dude when he’s reversing that thing, I’d be so terrified to give it any throttle

Author — Racingboom The Pleb


Bigger primary tube headers would help with your top end power

Author — Joe Korosi


“How much torque you got in your car”
Cleatus- all of it

Author — Crossing Boundaries


Every guy to the tuner: give me all the power and make it safe.

Author — Deuces Duchennes


"Do we need a rev limiter?" -James

He already knew...

Author — Cygnus307


I see that mullet is coming along nicely, let 'er rip brother

Author — Layne Suhr


I never thought cleetus saying “give it an oil change” would put a smile on my face.

Author — Hairynutz


It’s the fuel max, that’s why you’re unloading on third.

Author — marlon patriz


When its slowing down on the Dyno, it sounds like a jet.

Author — John F.


I effing love Fasterproms Geremy for NOT giving them the answers and making them struggle and work thru the problems. Trial by fire 🔥 makes the best mechanics

Author — Dave Eisler


M/T SS's are THE best radial street tire out there. Bar none.

Author — NOOTHER 69


"It's running rich, we need to spray it with nitrous" 🤣

Author — Stabby666