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At the end when he said... Ki ab mai 10k se upar kama leta hoon... That's show how humble he is

Edit: thanks for the likes
It makes me happy that all of you feels the same way.

Author — Pragya Singh


His face said every word is true.. Even at this point of time he still love her.. What a man ❤️

Author — CA Deepak maheshwari


Heart touching❤️Bless you Dharmesh sir🙏🏻

Author — Asha Solanki


Many times raghav made fun of him for being single but he never got angry or told this for sympathy, Legend ❤

Author — DakStarYT


🥰🥰 কলিজায় লাগে কথা গুলো যতোবার শুনি 💙💙

Author — Joy Chandro


He didn't said 500 crore as mridul madhok says ...
He said generously 10 k say above ..
Love you dharmesh sir ...
From Pakistan ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Author — NÖbita NÖbi


So humble guy ❤️ Dharmesh sir ❤️. & Every guy's story related to this situation once in a lifetime 💔

Author — Sunny Ujwal


I think he should thank the girl's family for making him understand what responsibility means, in return of his present success.



He will definitely be blessed with a blissful life and so be it.. 🙏

Author — Mousumi Seal


Thanks to that girl and her family for rejecting You guys rejected Dharmesh and we have got The Legend Dharmesh Sir only Because of

Author — Master Ji


He is Soo humble that reflect by his word .... From the first show where he come has h teacher of many successful dancers but he shows so respect to their judges...

Author — Fazal Ahmed Qureshi


I have been to this situation as well. In this situation, no one is wrong. It was not girl who wanted him to earn 10K, it was required to convince her parents that he can take care of her. That's all parents also want. Hard luck mate

Author — Ankit Mathur


sometimes failure, rejection and hard times make our way towards success

Author — SHEHZAD


Pride of Gujarat.. your words show your humbleness.. we all love you..!! 🙏🏻

Author — Dhaval Palas


May god bless me with this kind of person as my life partner ❤️😊Love respect care is more important than money yaar😥

Author — Anjali Minhas


His final answer is where I respect him too much

Author — Riya .S


Moral of the story is that time for all comes we have to show our trust on ourself never lose hope guys who knows whats your next position in life

Author — Manpreet Kaur


Till now he respect her by saying (unho na kaha tha)
That's true love
I can understand that situation because I too have same case!

Author — Mohd ashfaq Sabri


She and her family is now getting regrets🤣🤣🤣

Author — Neha Rajput


Are yaar this guy is very Genuine love you bro❤️ he's always been the best !

Author — syed touseef