Top 100 Best Viral Videos of the Year 2019!

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Top 100 Best Viral Videos of the Year 2019! 4.5
2019 has been a huge year with many ups and downs throughout. We have put together a HUGE 100 clip round up with our best viral videos...don’t worry we know you guys have probably seen a few of these before but we chucked in a some fresh ones just for you!

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That kid that was adopted is the cutest kid ever i wish her all luck and love in the world

Author — sinisterlive


That "baby using chopsticks eating noodles had f*ckin teeth lol

Author — Ryan Mary


When the guy was crashed, he will go into coffin

Author — Unli Video


The lady with the kid caught up in the net! Omg “everybody else’s son is sitting down and here is mine...”. I died

Author — DeMarie Jones


That fish with a human face, genuinely scared me.

Author — Ovayo Ntebe


At the camel 🐪 part the guy was saying : get on top, okay you hold the guy in-front of you

Author — piaoliang jiejie


The little adopted baby is so precious...who’s cutting onions!!! 😭

Author — Melanie Daria


That has to b the most drawn out and depressing version of "happy birthday song" that I've ever heard!!

Author — Gem Gem


That old ladies face when she got candy was so cute

Author — Brian Shissler


That Turkey was just expecting a very important package

Author — K S


The little girl at the end tho 😭😭😭😭😭😭 that was so stinkn sweet❤❤❤❤❤

Author — Diva aka Mrspitt


The adopted girl was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

Author — Unique Username


I think as soon as I saw the little girl who was adopted my heart fell in love with her too.

Author — Diamond Logistics


I liked the guy playing ball with his dog, the dog bouncing the ball off his head. They were an awesome best friend duo.

Author — Sylvie M.


22:00 loving your new born sibling and showing that loves is what is show BEAUTIFUL

Author — B Mann


30:00 the best video ever
Soo much emotional 😢😢😢
This video should be on no 1😢

Author — Smile Queen


I'm just an old crumudgon, but I have to say, that little girl got to me.

Author — J. LX2


Why didn’t they just put the cake on a table?

Author — J Isthename


When you wife finally lets you out.. lmao 😂

Author — Conor O'Halloran


Omg that lil girl is so sweet n adorable 🥰🥰 not gonna lie, that one choked me up💝 and they all lived happily ever after 👏👏🍀💝

Author — Amanda Phillips