The Prodigy - 'Breathe'

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The Prodigy - 'Breathe' 5

Video for The Prodigy's 'Breathe' Directed by Walter Stern

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I worked on that film set. Was the guy who switched the light on and off all the time. I feel old.

Author — Nifty


Мужики!!!! Ну была же музыка!!! А ща что, хрень одна...

Author — Игорь Оршанец


я вырос с ними и до сих пор слушаю.больше такого уже никто не сделает((((

Author — Айрат Сабиров


сколько лет прошло, а песня всё так же мощно звучит

Author — beni suzume


The 90s were nice. Every day got bombarded with good music.

Author — Catalin Raducan


I'd say "rest in peace", but I don't think that was Keith's style.

Author — Greasyspleen


So this is the type of sound that starcraft 1's zerg music was inspired from.

Author — Kirka Kirkata


This was the age of Playstation Drag Racing, Golden age of HipHop, Grunge, Metal, Industrial alternative, Electronic, and a ton of underground. It was a plethora of great music, great artists, and it all came to an end due to the music business condensing the music down into pop artists, to dilute the artistry into something they could control, singular styles of music, copy cats all sounding the same with little to no originality. a million lil waynes, and drakes to copy that style, on and on to the point of loosing the artistry all together, dumbing talent down to sex only sell videos and mumble music. To each is own in the era they love. and its not to say everything was great in the past. but man.. we got tons of technical feats today, but little to no substance.

Author — xevious2501


This song makes me wanna read the terms and condition, and then decline them.

Author — ValiantViperz


que bellos momentos, 6:30 am esscuchando esta rola mientras me preparaba para irme a la prepa, .

Author — Shiruho Mndz


Бля, ну я надеюсь, что ни у меня одного эта песня ассоциируется с Generals Reloaded Fire. 🤗

Author — True ReyN


One day this is going to be thumping out of the nursing homes.

Author — turtlemouth


this video scares the hell out of Marilyn Manson

Author — Kosovo Blues


Rest in peace Keith :(

Love, respect, and salaams from (removed my country because I didnt realize we had a lot of racist folk out here)

Author — Xavier


*Other people:* I love this music video!
*Me:* Oh wow, a flying shoe.

Author — Enzovexx


This makes me wna re-do my whole driving test, get my license back just to crash into a lamppost

Author — Kyle Ahmed


They're really excited about this egg sale.

Author — OzzyOscy


Какая же раньше крутая была музыка. Не то что сейчас, слишком слащавая.

Author — Eric Theodore Cartman


The Prodigy changed the game with their sound.
The UK is so good for creating amazing music.
Also love other British electronic acts like
Leftfield, Underworld, Massive Attack, Stereo Mcs,
Unkle, Aphex Twin, Orbital, Roni Size, Goldie, Faithless, Kosheen, Allflaws

Author — Spent Much


I remember buying this as a CD single when it was release. The last genuinely good number 1 in the UK was Firestarter, I always held this one in exactly the same regard. Big Beat is sadly missed, bring it back!

Author — hypercatjohn