America's Opioid, Heroin, K-2, and Fentanyl Epidemic Part. 2 2019

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America's Opioid, Heroin, K-2, and Fentanyl Epidemic Part. 2 2019 4.5
Take a look inside one of Americas worst drug epidemic ever seen. Kensington Philadelphia has been highlighted in National and International news because of the sudden spike in overdose deaths from heroin and fentanyl. Philly Streets Talk gives viewers a never before seen inside look at how bad the problem really is.

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People always crackin on us country folk about being inbred or whatever but damn these city folks all look weird af to me

Author — al go


If weed doesn't get you high no more that mean it's time for a sober life

Author — Trayshaun Young


I've done every drug, including boy and fetty (yes I was addicted, for years) and I've never once been like any of these people.
-Even when you're addicted...- _Especially_ when you're addicted you just use so you don't get sick. Someone could be a junkie
and you wouldn't even know it because they just get the exact amount or dose for their "fix"
(the amount they need to not be sick so they can function normally) and continue their day as normal.
A lot of junkies, including myself, held/hold down proper jobs for the entire duration of their addiction without even the slightest
hint to their co-workers that they are in fact a junkie.

In order to reach the levels of delirium and nodding off that these idiots are displaying;
you have to do soooo much more dope than what is required to just get well... like 10 times more... So they are knowingly
(and purposely I might add) Overdosing on this shit because they actually *WANT TO* . Ask someone who is in the game this deep
and they will say the same. Even that guy that was resurrected in the beginning was glad he overdosed and came back because he got high *as fuck* !
He didn't want to quit after just dying. Why do you think he didn't want to be on camera, or to help others quit?
There's no doubt in my mind that he scored later that day and overdosed again, or at least tried to.

These are not "functioning addicts" that need or want to be saved. These are lost souls, junkies, and dogs that will forever chase the high until they die.
And yes I'm sure a lot, if not most of the people in this film, will die from their addiction if they haven't already.
And yes, I'm sure a lot of these people were once... "normal". Now they are anything but that, and their brain has been rewired past the point of no return.
Even if they get clean and somehow manage to *stay* clean, they will be different people biologically, physiologically and psychologically.

So in conclusion, I don't have sympathy for these people, but I do have sympathy for (and mourn the loss of) the people they once were before.
Rest in peace to the ones that have passed.
Every one of you in this video, watching this video, and reading this comment is loved and missed by someone. Junkie or not.
Good luck in your journey through life and if you've read this far then you are a god(ess) in my book, I love you and thank you.

Author — Junger Flaanger


If a Goat herder with no Wifi
Can run a sophisticated irrigation system to Harvast
Poppy fields producing 99% of the worlds Heroin, why being occupied by US Military power.
And if this Goat herder can get his Heroin from Afghanistan valley too the streets of your Country .then he has some Powerful contacts. And would be responsible for the deaths of millions of American's.
Why did they bother hijacking planes. This Heroin plan far surpasses Bin Ladens efforts.
Facts speaks for itself

Author — Mr Richard Gray


I thank God I had Two loving parents who kept me straight.

Author — silverhorder1969


GOD ALMIGHTY HELP THESE POOR LOST SOULS. Remember these people are someone's children and probably parents. Now caught up in a living HELL. So so SAD.

Author — Michael Kelly


They could have saved a lot of money if they would have filmed The Walking Dead here.

Author — Work Account


God please bless these people who are lost.
Someone’s brother someones sister is obviously hurting.

Author — 67iamsam


Im guessin the guy who recorded this is also the dealer...lmao how the same ford f150 in mad clips, same corner but 15 diff ppl tweakin out. Legit dude jus chillin out front the trap

Author — Josh Gray


Old dude with dancing with the Budweiser bottle was just drunk🤣

Author — Alexis Jones


Dude's crazy standing so close to that one guy videoing him while he is swinging that syringe around. He could have gotten stuck!!!

Author — JET JET


That is up there with being some of the most Heart-breaking shit I ever saw. If a man isn't careful, he could think there aint a drop of love left in this world. That is where you come in Mr PhillyStreets...if by showing this just one person changes their path and avoids the utter misery and pain in this will have put a few drops of love back in the world. Big up Mr PhillyStreets….Respect, peace

Author — daz mah


Crazy dude he wakes up totally different person almost seems like a real cool dude heroin is a man

Author — AHPS 2018


Great Guitar Player & Voice @ 16:20 breaks my heart 🤙 🙏 ❤️

Author — Tambi Jo


I can see that heroin doesn't have a face. Many walks of life with different sizes, colors, and genders. Some well dressed and kempt. Shows that you don't have to be a degenerate or thug to fall into the trap. It can happen to anyone at any time. Just one bad decision or a naive person talked into something that they don't know anything about, and once in, trapped. If you see these people on the streets, try not to judge and remember that most probably they were totally different people before and that they can come back. They just need someone to help them break that spell.

Author — Ralph


They need to do a West side Chicago one...I'm clean for 10months myself and this is just a reminder to stay that way

Author — Clem Fandango


Dude sleeping with his head in the side step ford. WOW.

Author — f0rumrr


16:27. Moe I thank you for your help awareness and pure kindness. Your approach and artsy combined with saving lives is truly a blessing you are an angel on earth bro. Thank you 🙏

Author — WeRelateWithKate


Whatever u do to the least of my brothers, that u do on to me.

Author — colton Fetter


So sad man I am so glad I dont live life like this anymore Just hit my 2 year soberversary off heroin. I hope these people get help. Sad thing is id almost bet at least one of these guys isnt with us any more. Thankx for sharing

Author — The Vaping Barber