Mike Cross Solo At Midnight (1985) Full Album)

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Artist: Mike Cross
Title: Solo At Midnight
Source: vinyl album
Year: 1985
Label: Sugar Hill Records

Mike Cross:All Vocals/ 6 & 12 string guitars,fiddle & banjo

Note worthy songs:
Appalachian Mountain Boogie, Georgia May, Rusty Waterwheel, Twelve Disciples & The Panama Limited

Song List:
1. Appalachian Mountain Boogie
2. Martin Wynn's/Sean Ryan's
3. River Song
4. Dear Boss
5. Georgia May
6. Rusty Waterwheel
7. Twelve Disciples
8. Square Dancing Saturday Night
9. Fare Thee Well Marianne
10. The Rights of Man
11. The Panama Limited
12. He's Everywhere

💬 Comments

1. Appalachian Mountain Boogie - 0:00
2. Martin Wynn's/Sean Ryan's - 2:55
3. River Song - 5:17
4. Dear Boss - 7:24
5. Georgia May - 9:24
6. Rusty Waterwheel - 12:15
7. Twelve Disciples - 14:04
8. Square Dancing Saturday Night - 16:46
9. Fare Thee Well Marianne - 18:53
10. The Rights of Man - 21:23
11. The Panama Limited - 23:32
12. He's Everywhere - 29:05

Author — @ForgottenMusicChannel


Accidentally came across this looking for some death metal with the name “cross” and “midnight”. What an awesome accident and wonderful album.

Author — @paulgrindley8192


Thanks for making this album available. I owned it many years ago but lost it over time. Over the years Fare Thee Well Marianne and Square Dancing Saturday Night still would go through my head! I learned about Mike listening to a folk music radio show back in DC in the 80's.

Author — @bumperroan8211


Brings me back to the “watergate memorial tavern “ in 1972. Sitting on the stage while Mike played all night. RIP Jimmy Ridout.

Author — @cutl00senc


I had this on LP when it was new, have been looking for it on CD or mp3, and looks like it's out of print. That's too bad, because it's some of Mike's best work ever. Thank you for sharing it.

Author — @kentanderson9432


Only copy of River Song and Square Dancing Saturday Night that I can find anywhere. Thank you so much for uploading!

Author — @Testacleez


Thanks for sharing.. have always wanted to hear this album..

Author — @conspiracynationtv8085


Thank you I only had a cassette of this and it died

Author — @billybrame3990


Maryville to UNC-CH, to Wilmington, to Campbell, , to ECU, KY, and so forth.

Author — @jeffcollins9995


Thank you so much for uploading. This is great!

Author — @martincatoniryan1638