Discover Ballet: A day in the life of a ballerina

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Discover Ballet: A day in the life of a ballerina 5
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Follow a day in the life of Yuhui Choe, First Soloist of The Royal Ballet, who takes us through her day which includes class, rehearsals and physio before going on stage that evening.

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I'm just binge watching videos about ballet

Author — MMK


She's got all these rehearsals and I'm laying on my bed too lazy to get up to pee right now

Author — Sandy Orozco


I read that professional ballet dancers make somewhere around 30-35k a year. Why do they get paid so little? They train their whole lives, push their bodies to the brink of limitation, and have to be perfect and elegant while performing in front of an audience. You would think they would at least make 100k. I know people will say they are doing what they love but, damn, that's no money at all. You might as well work an office job and make like 50k or something. I would be pissed if I was a ballerina and people like Kim K makes millions while doing absolutely nothing!

Author — MickyMicky Mike


Finally one girl, who is eating healthy and being healthy, started ballet when she was 10!! Everyone start at like 3 or 4... I love this girl...

Author — Anastasia Anastasia


oh gosh, she is the asian version of audrey hepburn. that lovely accent, that smile and calm voice. everything about her is just lovely.

Author — Salamura


it's such a shame to see how hard ballerinas work, how fatiguing it is on the body, working longer hours and more days than most occupations, physical at that, and still come on stage and look so graceful. but still get paid so little. I know they do it because it's what they love but it's so unfortunate that they only make what they do.

Author — Jaydee


Just because they don't video her eating doesn't mean she is anorexic. They didn't video her peeing, but that doesn't mean she doesn't pee.

Author — Ballerina112


Damn - these girls have to work HARD. I always thought they were a bunch of Little Princesses ... but that clearly ain't so. Not much room for a personal life.

Author — StonyRC


damn. seeing her do so much so long, and still be able to keep such a lovely composure and speak so gently is really amazing. alls i really know about ballet is how painful it is, but everything she does looks so perfect and easy... she's really an inspiring person

Author — fengy


i thought she said 'i have a slightly dodgy uncle so i have to see a therapist'

Author — Giulia Holland


Ballet is not a job it's a lifestyle. She has no time for anything else in her life. I hope the salaries are sufficient.

Author — Mina Fish


Promote her to Principal already! Please!

Author — Aves Raggiana


her grace is so beautiful and her personality is great I'm in awe

Author — liv


This video was released about the time she got promoted to First Soloist and this is probably by far one of the most watched video on their channel and it's sad to say that nothing much has changed. She gave so much for the company (15 years in the company!) and is very well loved performer who never fails to deliever but there's no reason why she hasn't been promoted to Principal yet. Kevin O'Hare has promoted really fantastic people to Principal but it makes me wonder why he has passed her year after year.

Author — kkayspaznee


She's so sweet and lovely :) I wish I was a ballerina. Childhood dreams never die :')

Author — Nina April


She sounds both British and Japanese. Very cute and she dances very well. These dancers are some of the best athletes in the world. Bravo!

Author — Lisa Shelley


I am 50 and began ballet a few weeks so fulfilling a dream after years in bodybuilding. Classical ballet is so elegant x

Author — lisa varadinek


Now, I'm not professional or anything, but of course she ate during the day. If you have such a hard schedule, you have to eat or you'll pass out...And after what we see, she was perfectly fine, just a bit tired. :)

Author — Josefine Amalie Holst


she has the most beautiful arms and legs and her lines ate so perfect :O

Author — Ashlee G


Her voice is so soothing. I bet being a ballerina is tough but so beautiful

Author — Cloudydumpling