Khantrast - You Know (Official AMV)

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we BACK BABYYYY back to our regular schedule
video credit: Vaekyo & Barira
produced by @wavytrbl



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YESSSIR IT'S THE COME BACK !!! I had a huge creative block so I needed to take some time off but now my head feeling refreshed so we back into it again!
Here's the lyrics as usual:
Baby I been on my way
Why they always tryna surf my wave up
Been a lil too complicated
I think I'm in over my head
I feel I'm winning, god
You must be kidding, AHHH
I'm screaming out at the top of my lungs
Cuz you know
I want ya love, I wanna be the
one you like
I keep it one hunned with you, I'd never lie
My love, my love
Stay with me tonight
Got a crush, I got a crush
cuz you know that I love you right

Cuz you know that I love you right
I love you right
Always got you on my mind
You on my mind
Think about you all the time
All the time
You know that I love you right
I love you right [2x]

Okay baby
Where you been
my whole life
I could hear the angel's choir sing
When you arrive
I be thinking I'm in heaven's dream,
Psychedelic like the 70's
forever be
by your side

So please don't front on me
I'll be free
(I'll be free)
You gon have to trust me, lemme lead
Your won't heart won't bleed
(No no)
If you put your faith in me, you'll see
(you'll see)

Baby I don't wanna play no games with you
Feelings bubbling up when I go make a tune
I don't, wanna keep up this cycle
Back and forth, we capping bout our feelings sitting idle
Cuz I
wanna spend my life by your side
When we together, forget the time
What i like, you so bright
You know that I

Cuz you know that I love you right
I love you right
Always got you on my mind
You on my mind
Think about you all the time
All the time
You know that I love you right
I love you right [2x]

Author — Khantrast


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B*tch i am your God!!!

Also Khantrast today:
You know i love you! <3

Author — Scorp X


I love all of your music man, been here for a while and you never cease to amaze. Everything you drop I have on repeat for days, weeks even… until your next drop and the cycle continues. Your vocals, the beats you use, your lyricism and just everything you do is perfect.

Anyways, about to send this song to… her 💗

Author — Lemonaden


khantrast, everything you produce is absolute heat dude. wtf. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Author — Ya Boi


Someone tell me all the anime names with Timestamp I would be grateful

Author — It Is I Dio


Another banger, however, it hurts for people who are not in a relationship ;-;

Author — Magaroo


He's back better than every and this one is straight hear 🔥

Author — Archs


I'm gonna have to start running this up like crazy. The beat and lyrics are so catchy and It's just a nice bop. It's refreshing hearing a new song by you. Keep up the amazing work man.

Author — Sam G.


Damn this song hits hard even the thumbnail hits hard specialy my... D- heart yes My *Heart*

Author — Johnny Joestar


Just now listening to this song first song I heard from you classic no cap 🔥💨🎧

Author — Tevonte Bratton


I didn't know khan could sing this good damn🔥🔥🔥🔥

Author — sleepless boy


It's crazy too see you getting better with every single song. This is amazing man

Author — MintTwisty


DUDE this was FANTASTIC!!! this is gunna be on repeat for months!!!

Author — Cal


Just getting into your backlog and I'm both happy and mad. Happy cuz there's a ton of content to get into, mad that I didn't get around to checking you out till now. Dizzy was not lying, you are on some good shit.

Author — Jamal Collie Collins


Then I have some lyrics stuck in my head. Finally, that beat and song is fire. 🔥

Author — Nitro o


We need another hype song for the intros xD

Author — Twine Affix


It's currently 5:15 am. I listened to this song for the first time. Now it's the 5th time I'm listening to this. Amazing

Author — TheDarkSideGR


Bro love the fresh energy and haven’t heard you do a melodic song yet. Also the visuals were crazy good

Author — Jazzmarader Media


As someone who loves romance anime, I’m so happy you did this. So many romance anime’s known were included here that I wished had some inclusion in the nerdcore, so thx Khantrast, you’ve made one of my dream. Had great romance anime’s from Rent a girlfriend to Quintessential Quintuplets, so thx for making this man.

Author — Landon Bell


I was waiting man, but this was just great! I think the wait was a bait to lure me into this gate! Haha

Author — Aaryan Agarwal