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In this video I create a small 5x7 inch canvas as a sample for an up coming mixed media class I've been asked to teach.

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💬 Comments

I love the way you created this!! Absolutely lovely 🌺

Author — NeverHopeless by Elizabeth


Easy peasy tutorial which was super inspiring. Thank you 🥰

Author — Sandra Wheeler


Love the colour choices Mike. Wonderful canvas.

Author — Bobs Creative Days


Love this, I really like this type of work, thanks for explaining all the steps, I will give this style a go - thanks again, Jas 🇦🇺

Author — Jasmine Patrick


Do you put anything over the assemblage to seal it? Love your work!

Author — Murphy Waggoner


I clearly understand how you explained the tips and techniques and it helps me a lot as a newbie in the world of mix media..

Author — Craftytionery


Very nice i would love to try one of these.. Thanks for sharing

Author — Catherine mc gannon


I love this 'steampunk' type of art and thank you for showing me how to do it. I look forward to you describing how you make your sprizters.

Author — Pauline Kluske


I'm glad I found your channel ! Love your work!

Author — Wondering Crafter Few


Your speed is perfect. Thank you for sharing ! I do have one question - the Jim Holtz Stickers - you are not worried that they will fall off over time ?

Author — Lynn Early


Hey! I wanted to ask, can I do something like that to my journal? I'm really into steampunk art, and I was wondering if adding pieces and findings would be a problem to close the book etc. 
Oh and in one video of yours, you asked about the balkiness of the book, one way to do it is to add the least amount of water possible or just begin with the pages in the middle and work your way. Or you can just tie it with a string or put books above it to reduse it kinda. Hope it helps x

Author — Aria


amazing .if i don't have this heavy structured gel, can i use flex (for mosaic) ? & also can i do mixed media /textured art on wood if i don't have canvas

Author — Faaiza Sayed


This is fab. thank´s for sharing and now I feel comfort that I can maybe make one myself LOL LOL

Author — Tora Geirs


Hello Mike and thanks, brilliant vid and gave me the confidence to give this a try. New subscriber by the way :)

Author — Sylvia B


It looks stunning. You are really good at this type of art.

Author — Andrea Kidman


Very nice. I had no idea where you were going when you first started. It was a nice surprise. :)

Author — Naomi Fox


Hi mike love your work. Just a question I don’t have a heat gun. Do you have to use one or can you just wait for paint to dry naturally.

Author — Gail Cross


So well-crafted, Mike. The end result is both gorgeous and fun at the same time! I enjoy this technique very much, as all of that painstaking glueing of objects is quite meditative. I don't know if they sell E6000 in your country, but it can hold even the heaviest objects on a substrate. Of course, the fumes are just awful, so I like the idea of a glue gun for the lighter stuff - wouldn't have thought to use it for this, so thanks! Keep the vids coming!

Author — Anika Paldi


Love it, you make it look so easy, and I like your doggy in the photo as well!!!!  Patricia  New Zealand

Author — Paddy Wood


This piece is great! I think you should say "Superb" more often :) it sounds excellent in your accent. I'm anxiously waiting for the next video!

Author — Tasha Freeman