The Nanny Seduces Bruce? | Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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The Nanny Seduces Bruce? | Keeping Up With The Kardashians 5
Kris regrets getting a nanny when she comes home.

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‘there is a WHORE watching your children.’

omg i love khloe

Author — Zoe Anais


Why having a nanny when Bruce was home though???

Author — Ida Holmqvist


I know old kardashians is staged AF but idc they are iconic

Author — Jaz Xx


These throwback clips are giving me LIFE!

Author — matt bardot


Lmao! So damn staged and scripted. I didn't realize watching it before. Also can you imagine Kris wearing this dress today? 😂

Author — Arathy Devi


Her husband literally left her to become a 'BIAAATCH' 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author — Amila x


after many many years later and watch it again. realizing is

Author — Anastasia Julaidi


Khloe on the phone made me laugh so much

Author — Draco Malfoy


ahahaa i think looking back caitlyn was just jealous of her body and wish she had the same which she did like 10 years laters. congrats caitlyn <3333

Author — Josiah Bright


mother hires her
mother fires her😂


theres a HOARE watching your children😂

hookers r us😂

Author — Paige’s World


Kylie and Kendall at the end of the video the nanny even said goodbye and Kylie and Kendall where like "yes she's fired"😂😂

Author — Sheila Joy Blando


only if the nanny knew that bruce wanted to get into her pants. LIKE LITERALLY lmao

Author — soulfulsinger 7


If Kris was to see this outfit, she would cringe. 2018 Kris would not approve 😂😂

Author — Mimi Farrage


Why she think its appropriate to dress like that when she work as a nanny. And her face when kris ask her to cover up

Author — Jalan Rina


Yeah now I can feel Bruce's problem with Kris. Kris was so busy and she is so pain in the ass

Author — jiya swtu


is no one realizing this is a porn star lol

Author — Geena


That’s bree Olsen the pornstar that was with Charlie sheen 😂😂 responsible parenting 😂😂

Author — charlie brown


Kendall's face is so cute! What's with Kris's dress? OMG! Khloe looks great tho

Author — Paula Bruce


Bruce is well discipline cool self respec

Author — redbull monster


Before your husband leaves you for this twelve year old *bEeeAAcH*

Author — R U B Y