Most serious incident between Israel and Syria & Iran in years: Comments on downing of Israeli jet

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Most serious incident between Israel and Syria & Iran in years: Comments on downing of Israeli jet 4.5
An Israeli F-16 fighter jet crashed after Syria responded with anti-aircraft fire to an Israeli operation in its territory.

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what kind of power does isreal have to violate the airspace of syria

Автор — TFF channel


Watch all the "dual citizen" US politicians start chanting the same speaking points that we need to go attack Syria again. Plus that tratior MCCain!

Автор — K K


The thing is is "ISIS has failed in Syria" Now the real masters of ISIS are attacking syria directly..

Автор — Sohail Mushtaq


play stupid games, win stupid prizes. whatever the F-16 was doing sure was a stupid idea. you can only fly into a SAM site's missile engagement zone so many times before your luck runs out and it tags you with one of it's missiles.

Автор — Solowarrior1221


I love it how YouTube is warning me that this network is funded by Russia. Good, that means that I wont get as many corporate lies from the States. :) :) :)

Автор — Anonymous Radio Redux


Israel has been bombing inside Syria for years and yet this is the "most serious incident"....?
Perhaps Syria should bomb inside Israel and see if anybody considers it to be serious.

Автор — iforce2d


Even the Israeli news outlets are blatantly lying about what happened exactly and about the real motivations behind Israeli's countless acts of pure aggression and terror.
Claiming that Netanyahu is trying to de-escalate, and calling it "very significant" are proof this Bloomenthal figure is just another jewonist puppet defending the terror agenda of Israel. Netanyahu's actions the past several years is proof that his motivations are 180 degrees in the opposite direction of ' de-escalating' any situation.
He lost an F16.... and of course it is predictable what happens next. He starts playing ' the victim role' again. Pure evil.

Автор — getreal155


I am not familiar with what is going on there but why was an Israelian military plane flying over Syria? Would they have been ok with a Syrian military plane flying over Israel? Certainly not.

Автор — Alphabet Man


The corporation aeroplane was knocked out of the sky using a twig, rubber band and a small chicken.
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂... Israeli need to be stopped. Psychopaths.

Автор — matthew haines


One day Israel will be caught not minding its own business once too often. This is illegal by international law and should be retaliated against by the international community. But what can you expect from a people accused of helping fund ISIS.

Автор — Harvey Holloway


IDF and the US are there illegally. Only Russia had been invited by the legitimate Syrian government and it there legally. This is what happens. The Syrian government has the right to fight back and attack.

Автор — Isoldacar


Here we go... False flag attack that will begin WW3

Автор — Amanda Moe


love syria!! the world watching this☺

Автор — syim A


I think it’s hilarious Israel and the US unwittingly created in Syria the most battle hardened and war ready military in the Middle East.

Автор — Sue In Raleigh


Israel crying out in pain as they strike another yet again.

Автор — Shlomo Shekelstein


they will call air defense anti semitic. lol!

Автор — Tansirul


Thanks to the Syrian military for shooting the bastards down 🙏🏿👍🏿

Автор — Simplexpresident yaya ah j jammeh city


I know the situation is more complex. But logically if your jet is flying in another country dropping bombs expect to be shot down.

Автор — ῠ̔ποκρῐτής


Best news of 2018 thus far- if they violate Syrian sovereign air space don't let them get away in one piece !

Автор — matt alan


“Their’ jet was downed? I think they mean the American Jet we gave them to use

Автор — Stephen Talley