Why Dubai's Man-Made Islands Are Still Empty

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Why Dubai's Man-Made Islands Are Still Empty 5

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Video description:
In 2003, the construction of the multi-billion dollar investment project “The World” was announced. The man-made archipelago shaped like a map of the earth was planned to feature luxurious houses and tourist-resorts located all within just a short boat ride from Dubai. But today, more than 10 years after the completion of these islands, there is hardly anything built on them. What happened here?

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Mother Earth was like "I'm not into tattoos, thank youuu!"

Author — Alexis DouFlo


All that money to build fake islands, but not enough money to fund into actual affordable things for people to invest in.

Author — Maria Eisel


This islands project to me is a mixture of arrogance and really bad taste

Author — Lorenzo


The world made me so itchy, like ewww, it’s not even aesthetically pleasingly

Author — KEII WEST


Dubai kind of feels like an experiment in what happens when you give people too much money.

Author — Sana Burton


Video: Why Dubai's man-made islands are still empty

Me: They had man-made islands?

Author — Mori Cantaloupe


Istead of constructing houses and buildings there, why don't plant trees on those artificial islands to strengthen it and make their environment better?

Author — Panzer86


500 years from now: people say aliens built these islands

Author — Shanghainese


Those islands look like the most impractical places to live in the world.

Author — Marc Luca


The Earth has enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not for every man's greed.
-Mahatma Gandhi

Author — Shanthanu Naidu


I was only a teen back then, and I remember thinking, that’s such a horrible idea.

Author — samiraifis


Not the point but now Dubai just has these billion dollar eye sores. They could have the beautiful waterfront but now they have giant sand dumps.

Author — Susie O'Drangus


Dubai feels like a city building game with unlimited money mod

Author — Shivam Meena


The whole plan sounds like a high school project.

Author — ꧁Something Fishy


this is what happens when you have more money than sense

Author — Peter Kelly


These were made in 2003.

It’s 2020...what a waste of money..

Author — It’s Clem Time!!


I really don't like the idea of man-made islands. They sound so unnatural and fake.

Author — Dragon S


Building artificial islands when u still have plenty of undeveloped beachfront coastline makes no sense.

Author — Anthony Banks


*"We have not inherited the world from our forefathers -- we have borrowed it from our children"*

Author — sanajy patnaik


They are just like kids realizing their sand castles don’t last.

Author — Jesus Ramos