Indonesia's BIGGEST Shopping Mall is NOT in JAKARTA 🇮🇩

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I visited Indonesia's biggest Supermall PAKUWON SURABAYA with more than 200,000 square meters. Formerly known as Supermal Pakuwon Indah, this Shopping Center is located on the Street 'Jalan Puncak Indah Lontar' in the west of Surabaya. In 2017 the Mall officially opened and the name was changed.

On top of the building there are 4 tower apartments (Orchard and Tanglin Tower, Anderson and Benson Tower) and 2 condo towers (La Riz and La Viz). Above Pakuwon Mall you can find 2 hotels (The Westin and Four Points by Sheraton).

Because Surabaya is the 2nd biggest city in Indonesia, there are plenty of malls (like Grand City Mall Surabaya, Ciputra World and Tunjungan Plaza). But many people don't know that Surabaya has the biggest shopping mall in Indonesia. It's not GRAND INDONESIA in Jakarta.

✅❓What do you usually do in Shopping malls? Buying things or eating food? 😍
✅❓Which Shopping Mall is the best in INDONESIA? 😳

- Surabaya City (East Java, Indonesia) 🇮🇩
- Pakuwon Mall

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00:00 Intro
02:48 Gaming Area & Electronics
07:50 Meeting a new girl
10:37 Testing a massage chair
14:37 Look how big this mall is
19:54 Huge Basketball place
21:10 Church and rooms for Muslims
25:30 Having fun with food seller girls
44:05 Going home

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✅❓What do you usually do in Shopping malls? Buying things or eating food? 😍
✅❓Which Shopping Mall is the best in INDONESIA? 😳

Author — Wild CARLOS appeared!


This mall split into 2 diffrent kind mall, First of course Pakuwon Mall, and the other one it's Pakuwon Trade Center (PTC). Carlos enter from PTC, this place more affordable on price

Author — Wexku Aja


Great to see SUPERMAL again.
I moved to Surabaya in 2008 and lived in Darmo Harapan for 5 years and another 2 years in Citraland.
Both locations back to Supermal.
At that time TP Mall was the biggest. I believe the biggest in South East Asia.
The new Supermal looks much bigger now but still few areas look familiar on how they were 10 years ago.
Hope someday can come back to Surabaya!

Author — Cristian Lamb


a lot of interaction potential is missed because of the language barrier unfortunately, but its still enjoyable regardless. looking forward to the mall food vlogs Carlos😁

Author — FennecRVRS


Hi Carlos, , try to visit Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan (Borneo). There is famous with floating market, and knows and thousand river city. Have fun at Indonesia Carlos! Many cities and culinaries you can try 🥰🥰. Stay health.

Author — Triple A Mom - DAU


Pakuwon consist of 2 parts : 1. The mall and 2. The trade center

The mall sells more expensive stuff compare to the one in the trade center

U can find many kind of foods in this mall. I suggest u come around 11am to 8pm if u want to explore for the foods. And prepare your stomach empty healthy and enjoy surabaya

Btw the big empty area in the middle of the mall was the atrium used for exhibition, usually on weekend. The will be lot of crowd down there

Author — Steven Yap


Always love a new carlos upload. It'd be nice to see this mall more full. It seems kinda dead here.

Author — Euphoria


Hi carlos👋
nasi timbel is a traditional rice dish from west Java (sunda) especially from Bandung. Not from east Java / Surabaya. Next trip you can visit to West Java or Bandung city. So many delicious food In Bandung ❤️

Author — Winda🇮🇩


Melihat video anda, saya baru sadar berapa lama saya tidak pergi liburan😃 always working all day 💪💪💪

Author — yati sdt


"Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants." - Epictetus

Author — Zk Motivation


Should try Lake Toba next time Carlos! It is the biggest volcanic lake inthe world.

Author — Bella Piccirillo


Go to a local night food market i love to see that in Indonesië. The mail was verry big a love that and the food looks also verry yummie 😋

Author — Marc Adriolo


Yeah Cincau station is originally from Surabaya. They have a history of established.. And I like to buy a lot cincau station.. Gurin is the best and also the syrup series.. Really delicious... And don't forget to try Alpukat kocok combine with Durian is the best taste.. So really tasty... *drolling*

Author — LockeysoLucky


bro Carlos... try to eat traditional Surabaya food, RAWON and RUJAK CINGUR

Author — IbnuAdam


Wished the mall could be more crowded. Enjoy mate 😆 wish u could do a food vlog on a weekend

Author — Paddy Trotter


Damn, this mall is just 5km away from my house right now, IDK if you're visited this place too Carlos, great choice

Author — Krne Potrait


I think you must try ayam sambal ijo bro. the location is behind the grand indonesia mall, jakarta

Author — ilham fadillah


Yeah carlos, part 2 pakuwon mall food opening hours 11.00 am - 21.00 pm, thanks and god bless you thumbs up

Author — JERRY


I almost get lost in thiss mall, it's a city instead of shopping centre😄

Author — Rina Hans


back then indonesian like bollywood movies, now they like drama korea 😁 that’s why all the model pics / fashion styles like korea😁 i enjoyed your videos carlos! keep update with new videos. im in New York, make me happy when i can see indonesia from your vlog🇮🇩

Author — Deasy