The Pride Generation with Katie Herzog

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 months ago

My guest today is Katie Herzog. Katie is the host of the very funny "Blocked and Reported" Podcast along with Jesse Single. She is a great visual artist and was also a staff writer at "The Stranger" for many years.

In this episode, we talk about Katie's upbringing as a lesbian in a less than accepting environment. We also discuss the rapid rise in the salience of trans issues in the past couple of years, the element of social contagion, and the recent rise of Gen Z girls with gender dysphoria. We talk about the mission creep of gay rights organizations and the increasing salience of drag queens in the culture as well as the backlash against them. We discuss the concept of being non-binary and the difference between male and female sexuality. We also talk about pedophilia and so-called virtuous pedophiles. We discuss puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and gender reassignment surgery. Katie also gives advice to parents with gender dysphoric children. We go on to talk about trans women in sports and the so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill and much more.

Unfortunately, we faced some network issues during the time of recording, therefore we had to go with just audio for this episode. Despite the technical inconvenience, I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I did.

I really enjoyed this conversation and I hope you do too.

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💬 Comments

Young adolescent girl: "Hey, I'm a lesbian."
Peers: "Meh"
Next day, Young adolescent girl: "Hey, I think I am trans."
Peers: "oh wow, you are so brave! Tell me more."

Author — Tony Barreto


Love this conversation. I’m on a Clinical Psychology doctorate programme and this conversation is so badly needed in the profession, but is absolutely impossible to have

Author — mcr @six


this is hands down the best, most informed, most logical and rational trans discussion i've heard. let's hope there's a coming "contagion" of this type of treatment of the subject. hats off!

Author — Carter Rennerfeldt


I've followed Katie's work since she started at the Stranger here in Seattle; it's so satisfying to watch her get the recognition she deserves.

Author — slider292


"They/them" STILL confounds me. It literally makes no sense. As a society, we are at peak stoopid.

Author — Cooper Wesley


Great interview. If the surge of people were the result of increased social tolerance would we not see a surge in adults as well as kids?

Author — neil olson


Ideology comes before expertise. Very well said.

Author — John Stewart


I am feeling so very proud of you, Coleman, that you decided to further cover this issue after where you last left it with that Australian gender clinic person. I was afraid you’d been met with a rabid activist mob you didn’t expect — and basically chose to acquiesce to the demanded position with that gender doc — then be done with it.

It’s obvious you’ve given some deep moral thought and consideration to the complexities, in this realm. You explored the accurate data with Katie — and did so with deep humanity. Thank you. I’m seeing moral courage here, sir.

Author — Devin A


great conversation. huge katie fan. thanks to you both for having this conversation.

Author — Holly Lawford-Smith


One thing I'd wish liberals would stop stating that gay marriage is settled. It was a Supreme Court decision. The people did not vote that way. It'd be like saying the question of secession is settled because a supreme court ruled is was illegal. A court's ruling is not defining unless the populace agrees with it. You may argue that more people support it based on Pew polls, but don't be surprised if you see a movement to return the issue to states.

Author — CovocNexus


I really enjoyed this conversation. Honest straightforward communication is always fruitful.

Author — D G


Katie is absolutely marvelous! Obv Coleman is as well. What a wonderful discussion pairing.

Author — Riggs ap Lewis


This seems to an expression of the idea that the transgender movement is a conservative backlash against feminism, which is something I have thought for several years.

Author — Mike Alexander


You can't even smoke weed until you're 21 (where it's legal), but we're supposed to let 12 take puberty blocker drugs. Something is off with this picture.

Author — Mike D


Wow. First full-length podcast I've heard from Coleman. He's my new fave!

Author — Ron Henn


I've loved listening to Coleman in interviews on other podcasts, but I came here for my Lesbian Queen Katie. 😂

Author — TsukiNaito1


Suggestion for you: I'd add time stamps for your long form interview videos

Author — Navi Hehar


289% increase is actually closer to a quadrupling, not a tripling.

100% is a doubling
200% is a tripling
300% is a quadrupling

Author — Billy Hu


Oh YES. EXERCISE! Connecting with your body is essential. So much more truth in our bodies than in our increasing instacrap-filled minds

Author — Sophie Oshaughnessy


There is so much hyperbole and hysteria on both sides of the debate. I'm glad that there are still adults who treat these issues with the necessary sobriety.

Author — Hannes W. Hagn