Opening of the show and Flag Parade - Eurovision 2019

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Opening of the show and Flag Parade - Eurovision 2019 5
All 26 artists were welcomed on stage in EXPO Tel Aviv with the flag parade.

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This is one of the best openings ever!

Author — Lauretta 845


Now you can officially call it: the Olympics of singing and performing

Author — Alban


After 4 years, Nadav finally showed us Tel Aviv

Author — Cake Hat


*_This is actually my favourite part:_*_ everyone cheers for every country ❤️_

Author — Tom Folgner


Israel have done an amazing job this year.

Author — Leigh & Merlin


Does anyone remember production at such a high and fantastic level? Because I do not remember. The best Eurovision ever! Congratulations Israel

Author — xart5 xart5


Israel really could do their job. This is one of the best opening ceremony ever.

Author — Abdul Toyib Sodikin


Israel has easily put on the best Eurovision so far. You can feel the passion and energy from the organisers, fans and the entire country. It makes me want to visit Israel 😂👌

Author — George


I really love that they said 'Welcome' in every language of the 26 finalists, and they tried their very best to pronounce it well.

Author — Michaela Cioffi


Loved the idea of a Eurovision airport, with flight attendants everywhere ✈️ as well as one of the best flag parades ever 👏🏻

Flight ESC 2019 to Tel Aviv ready for landing 🛬

Author — Martin Nguyen


OMG! the best eurovision opening well done Israel 🇮🇱 💙👌🏼

Author — Nimrod Astrid


Israel has definitely set a new bar for Eurovision productions

Author — Mi Duneyev


One of the most outstanding openings to a Eurovision EVER!

Author — Richard Carter


Sweden 2016 : we had the best opening in Eurovision history..
Israel 2019: hold my David ⭐️

Author — IM ISR


I can't remember time when Eurovision was so good as this year.. Israel you had done a great job 👏👏👏

Author — Jovana


Small country, big show! well done, Israel! one of the best Eurovision ever! kululu kululu! Kapara Aleichem!

Author — Saul Joury


Austria did a great job, Sweden always does but this...this was absolutely on a completely new level...I am.glad that Israel has set the bar so high for Netherlands next year

Author — Lana Stanisic


1:30 that instrumental of "Hallelujah" brought me to tears... one of the most majestic grand final openings ever

Author — Chezia Atmadja


wow, ABSOLUTELY the best opening ever!

Author — E Z


The best opening ceremony so far. Israel can be so proud!

Author — Andrzej Kłak