The Trial Of The Knights Templar | Friday The 13th | Timeline

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The Trial Of The Knights Templar | Friday The 13th | Timeline 4.5

The mysterious and wealthy Knights Templar led the Crusades for almost 200 years. But why did the Church reject them as heretics in 1307?

Controversial and compelling, Secrets Of The Cross pushes aside centuries of tradition to expose fascinating secrets at the heart of the Christian story.

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There was a time the History Channel had shows like this, now it's nothing but Pawn Stars.

Author — Chris Holman


King Philip: the time has execute order 66

Author — Bryan El phanthera


Some of the templar army rode East up into the alps disguised as peasants. French army rode after them and suffered defeat. East Templar’s found Switzerland. Think about it? Inverse Templar flag, modern banking system founders.

Author — Zifo


"We are sure that in the trials led by the Pope, the Templars were not tortured." LOL Sure, mate. We *know* The Church would never, ever, do something like that.

Author — Frances Powell


torture has a habit of making you say things you’re torturer wants to

Author — chilli joe


The king of France needed money...the Templar's had it. End of story.

Author — Sean Van Pelt


Freemasons Today Evolved More from the Templars than the Stone Masons it is in Essence a UnKnown Marriage

Author — Billy Ray Otinger


What this video does not say is the Templar knights are still here in 2019

Author — thor Odinson


GREED! then, GREED! today... corruption, ain't nothing changed. Thanks for a great video, pretty informative.

Author — Known2God


"We are sure the trials that were led by the pope did not involve any torture" - the lady that works for the vatican's history department

Author — john peter


If you join the dots, it all leads to modern day Freemasonry.

Author — The Comet


“Downed by a greedy king and a weak ultimately also by their own success..”

Author — mesfin welderufael


Well damn, HIStory often does repeat itself ...
"He didn't torture them so they told the truth... He tortured them so they would tell HIS truth."

Author — Terryl Bell


So where does the truth really lie? Considering what is going on today, I do not actually doubt that this latest story it true. But how do we really know? For, we live in an age full of lies.

Author — Tiempo Nuevo


Came for the Crusades. Stayed for the beautiful Italian woman. HERECY!!

Author — Vykyng Blå


Many went to Spain, where they and their money helped fund the Reconquista, the fight to liberate Spain from islam. One of my relatives was one of them... Riperto de Puig, Grand Master of the Templars in Aragon in 1224.

Author — Luis T. Puig


De Molay said as he was to be executed, that Phillip and Clement would be dead within the year, they were.

Author — chrisjpfaff314


“they were accused of worshiping the all added up to a catastrophic charge...heresy” okay okay. was that a

Author — Ol’ Caruso


Yes, Jacques de Molay made a curse while being burned at the stake. This video has missed out that he also cursed Guillaume de Nogaret as well as the king and the pope. All three were dead shortly afterwards.

Author — Sir Curtis Seretse


These confessions were all brought out under extreme toture.

Author — Glenn Tozser