Google Pixel Buds 2020 Review: This Is More Like It!

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Google Pixel Buds 2020 Review: This Is More Like It! 5

The first Google Pixel Buds hit the scene in 2017, and whether it was their strange fabric case or their convoluted wire-wrapping scheme ... they never really took off. So when Google announced that the 2020 edition of its Pixel Buds would be true wireless earbuds, built with the most robust Google Assistant integration available and shipping in a charging case even more satisfying to the touch than to the eye, my interest was piqued. Now, after spending four days with the new Pixel Buds paired with my Pixel 4, I'm happy to report that they're a delightful combination of aesthetics, features, and just plain fun. Join me for a video that takes the new Pixel Buds from living room dance party to quarantine exercise walk to IPX4 shower session – in MrMobile's Google Pixel Buds 2020 Review!



MrMobile's Google Pixel Buds 2020 review was produced following four days with a Google Pixel Buds 2020 review sample provided by Google. The new Pixel Buds were tested with a Google Pixel 4 and a MacBook Pro 2019.

MrMobile does not produce paid reviews; no company paid a fee or otherwise offered compensation in exchange for this coverage, and no company was offered copy approval or an early preview of this content.


Google Pixel Buds Review [Android Central]:



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Apple: Let’s make people carry around floss.

Google: Lets make people carry around an egg.

Author — Aaron Telander


The shower scene alone makes this video worth watching! ;)

Author — GadgetMatch


Google designed something good? Maybe there's hope for the Pixel 5.

Author — Movie Games


Tony Stark, when he's a billionaire: builds tech.
Tony Stark, when broke: reviews tech.

Author — Prabhu Prasad


Apple: Q-tips
Microsoft: Popsocket
Samsung: Bean (3rd gen GBuds leaks)
Google: Egg & Mentos

Author — fightnight14


Of course Google would make earbuds that detect when your jaw is moving.

Author — nealynealster


My dream has come true: Tony Stark doing a tech review.

Author — Najm Japanwala


Everyone: Wow its the pixel buds 2!

Me: oh, the useless pocket in my jeans is called the coin pocket.

Author — Sean Fan


The moment I noticed the pixel buds fit in an egg carton.... I was sold ✅

Author — Brook S


This dude reminds me of that one guy who made the iron suit in a cave with a box of scraps.

Author — M H


And thanks too Mr.Mobile to silently muting his voice of saying "Ok Google" so it doesn't cue my Google home but still showcases it in the video!

Author — Jun


" ... Like someone put a mentos in your ear..."
* Displays a softdrink *
I see what you did there.

Edit: ok maybe not

Author — Jet Ardeshna


I still remember your review of the Sony Z1 Compact and how it pursuaded me to make it the first phone I bought with my own money.
Always love the tone of your videos, and definitely consider you a trustworthy voice in the tech space.
Keep up the good work!

Author — Thomas Haythornthwaite


Excuse me, you have a mentos stuck in your ear

Author — Atishay Gupta


The casing looks like distant cousin of Eva from WallE

Author — Pawan Dhami


6:19 LOL. Love the intentional "Crunch Face".

Author — Randy Hanley


6:36 "wind interference" not of the flatulence kind, I'm guessing; the camera shot confused me for a moment.. .. :) Great review. thank you..

Author — bodoti qwiu


8:11 completely unnecessary but my favorite part

Author — Leo Vice


7:38 i was like wtf who is texting me on steam :D

Author — Smoin


From one star trek fan i loved the isolinear chips

Author — TheJedihunter