Enrique Iglesias - Hero (Lyrics)

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Enrique Iglesias - Hero (lyrics)

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Eu adoro essa música!!! muito muito linda!!!!

Author — @leandronunes1001


Beautiful song! It has reached my soul! Every person suffers from this feeling and everyone has a hero!

Author — @baloghmaria1646


realmente, muito lindo enrique iglesias....adoro muito muito

Author — @2730Luana


It's positively heartbreaking to know that there are SO many singles out there (both boys and girls), who want someone to love them as deeply as Iglesias loves his music. And yet, everyone is too frightened to tell that special someone the truth... :'(

Author — @franciscajune9958


I love how his voice kind of breaks when he sings, like he's crying. It gives more of the feeling this song wants to say ♥

Author — @KirBownyou


Most people people would think that it's a sad song, but infact it's filled with so much joy that you have to cry

Author — @Temperofbeauty


miluji tuhle písničku :-)
připomíná mi hrozně moc věcí a občas si u ní i pobrečím... :'(

Author — @LadyLowerka


I listen to this and dedicate it to my mom. She has brain cancer. I'm not losing hope and I pray she makes it. She is the strongest person I know. She is my hero.

Author — @joeblack7326


I love this song and i think of the guy i love every time i hear it. Not only is he my hero, but he definitely takes my breath away! I love you Luke <3

Author — @96hlynn


Classic song! Still love it so much today :)

Author — @YiWeiLim


I will dance to this with my boyfriend at our wedding one day <3

Author — @Mikisingle


This song is amazing! Miss the old days of singing this song fooling around! Brings a tear to my eye at how fast time moves on! :(

Author — @Tj1233322


if i'm playing this song it can only mean i'm falling in love. this song is so beautiful

Author — @bringbackreagan1


It's 2017 and this song still makes us all cry.

Author — @nourhaneltannir7387


The second Enrique starts singing my eyes become teary, everytime

Author — @bonjourmarlene


Você dançaria
Se eu lhe pedisse para dançar?
Você correria
E nunca olhar para trás?
Você choraria
Se você me viu chorando '
Você salvaria minha alma esta noite?
Você tremeria
Se eu tocasse seus lábios?
Será que você rir?
Oh, por favor me diga isso.
Agora você morreria
Para a pessoa que você ama?
Segure-me em seus braços esta noite.
Enrique Iglesias OFFICIAL boa noite

Author — @elisabetemendes8975


Such a wonderful song!! I love the lyrics! <3

Author — @DaBawor


I still absolutely love this Beautiful song!

Author — @modestangel56


So much strength of emotion in his voice, it's just incredible!

Author — @MetalheadAt15


omg im getting chills, such a beautiful song

Author — @aboodfouda