Coronavirus: What has Hong Kong learned that can help the world fight the Covid-19 pandemic?

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Coronavirus: What has Hong Kong learned that can help the world fight the Covid-19 pandemic? 4.5
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In 2003, severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) killed 300 people in Hong Kong, causing deep psychological scars for many city residents. Now 17 years later, those Hongkongers are recalling the lessons learned from Sars as they deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. Those lessons are reflected in the policies being introduced by local authorities, and in the way ordinary people in the city are working to maintain personal hygiene.

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in HK everyone has a mask, that's why they don't have as a big problem, while here in the States, they say masks don't help, sad.

Author — firelily416


I havent seen none of this in USA. People here acting like it doesn't exist. Also the gov't told us not to wear mask.

Author — Dustin Stein


Hong Kong has learned to go on the street block the boarders to help prevent the virus.

Author — Hitesh Gwalani


Remember to sanitize your hand sanitizer and wipe your wet wipes too.

Author — Jay Kay


here in vienna i dont wear a mask but it seemed like i was the only one to open doors using my ellbows. some people gave me a strange look but the next day i noticed how everybody were using their ellbow aswell

Author — Mark C


@3:27 That lady is doing absolutely nothing but just spreading the germs SMH.

Author — Charlotte R.


Yet here in nyc... when I go into a bakery to get a drink wearing a mask, another customer tells me to get out..

Author — Sarah Choi


I have been doing this for most of my life... am I the only one. Well except for the mask.

Author — s1lverFoX


Ladies, cut your long fingernails too! Yukkk, I will not eat any food prepared by someone with long nails.

Author — Aminah 2020


one problem is even if everyone was willing to respect these guidelines, not everyone would have masks hand sanitizers ect ect

Author — paulolem


I was in Hong Kongo back in January and been in US since February and can attest the reaction is like opposite worlds, in HK everyone wears a mask, actually made a video when I was in HK and back in America, stay safe and healthy everyone.

Author — Kevin's Journal


A sense of solidarity and common respect is a critical part of eliciting the cooperation we need to survive such threats together. Self-quarantines with the proper support–check-ins by trained neighborhood brigades, food supply trucks going door-to-door, work release and unemployment insurance–can elicit that kind of cooperation, that we are all in this together.

Author — John Karen


(Sarcastically) By allowing the HK airport remain fully open to those from Beijing and Shanghai airport, because all these airports remain fully opened during Wuhan Lockdown allowing people enough time for neighboring province to escape and infected the world with it.

Seriously look it up, for the past 3 months during the height of this outbreak within China *these international airports NEVER controlled or restrict any outgoing passengers*, but only control incoming passengers recently (e.g. 14d Isolation, travel restriction or ban from specific country). How curious?

And now China Can claim how the world should be more like China, by sending out viruses across the world in the first place.

Author — G


1:26 based on the WHO you need to wash it for a maximum of 20 seconds, and not 5, 10, 15 sec has to be 20 sec.

Author — Jason Auw


Such measures should be implemented in the Philippines. Not just to quarantine people at home and spend millions to feed the people, which is a short term solution.

Author — paul rivera


I think I fall in love with the reporter ❤
Hi Laura may I have your email?🤗

Author — Pasti Sukses


1. It it's alopathic treatment which kills already weak patients not covid19 itself.
98% infected are recovered.
2. Fear lowers immunity
3.Fear kills interviews of CURED patients to erase the FEAR amongst world. Otherwise irresponsible media will collapse everything.

Author — Mr.Right Thinker


Ironically in UK and US they advise you NOT to wear a mask

Author — YoshiPeach Mario


What’s the website called? I’m from Hong Kong, I need the website.

Author — StarkillerGoose


Us westerners seem to be missing the point. Masks don't protect you from others. They protect others form you. Can't anybody do dot to dots these There's a reason Asian countries are handling this better than us

Author — Dave Boyde