Tear Yi Down - First Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Tear Down Video

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 years ago

This video is aiming for showing what's inside the Xiaomi Yi action camera's mini body.

-Ambarella A7LS DSP + 16MP Sony Exmor R BSI Back-illuminated CMOS Image Sensor
-1080P 60/30FPS FHD Video Recording
-WiFi & Bluetooth Connection for iOS / Android device
-Aspheric HD Optical Glass Lens / F2.8 Large Aperture 155° Ultra Wide Angle
-ST High Performance 3-Axis G-sensor
-Mini appearance, two colors available
-A water-resistant housing allows you to film fascinating water sports
-Multiple photo shooting modes: Single shot, Self-Timer, Time-lapse, Burst Shot
-Panasonic high efficiency Lipo Battery with low power consumption design, 1100mAh Battery provides longer service life
-Support storage cards up to 64GB maximum (Micro SD Card Class10+ recommended)
-Standard 1/4"-20 tripod mount on camera compatible with Most Mounts and Accessories
-Water-resistant up to 40 meters under water

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💬 Comments

We all wanna see what's inside... human nature (for most) - Nice tear down, thank you for sharing. It's amazing how integrated/small these cameras are getting, I couldn't imagine flying a VHS compact action camera on a multicopter. 
You forgot to include a hi-res pic of the Ambarella side of the main board :(

Author — EngineerX


Thank you for this tear down. Now I can see that it is possible to back-cooling CMOS sensor for astronomy photographing - to reduce noise. Subbed!

Author — Milan Karakas


looks very nicely built. thanks for the video :)

Author — Double Tap


Just bought mine from you guys! So excited to get one!

Author — herald hernandez


I didn't expected you'll tear down this much❤️

Author — Akhil K R


Strange thing. I've had an issue with reading SD-card and decided to disasseble the camera. Well, I disassabled it, then looked at it for a couple of minutes, then assembled it. Now it's working! Thank you. Was useful. 9/10 would disassable again.

Author — mr_ozio


Heh you really tore the shit out of that. Nice PCB pictures, just what I wanted. Thanks!

Author — Dr Tune


Nice video, thanks. Maybe it is possible to replace low performance microphone, with better one. Can you please check type and size of used microphone? Thanks. F.

Author — Frantisek Merka


Hi! can you unscrew the lens from the lens mount? looks like a S/M12 mount

Author — TechArtistG


I know that it might be to early to ask that but, do you know if there are any plans for a 4k model?

Author — Samuel Cabral


Can you be more about this lens?
Is it really optimized for 16MP sensor?
Whats the focal length?

Author — Ranthir Rathore


Thanks for the tear down! Is there a way to remove that wide angle lens and replace it with a flat lens? Please reply, hate that wide angle lens :/

Author — Janki Jan


whats the weight of the unit without the case and battery? Thanks

Author — andrew c


what are the dimensions of the main circuit board

Author — Hal Bishton


Добрый день! А на желтой крышке есть стекло или это стекло самого объектива? А то поцарапал стекло, но не понятно заказывать новую желтую крышку или сам объектив...

Author — metadia


It would be possible to position the lens 90 degrees, to fit it within the framework of a mini quadricopter?

Author — Caparroz


Very detailed video thank you.How can I select the different resolutions for a better video quality I own IOS thank you

Author — Nikolaos Denikarias


I cried more than once watching this video...

Author — TheIngoBeck


Подробная инструкция как дома на коленке собрать экшен камеру

Author — Adept haosa


Can anyone confirm original housing is water resist?

Author — Lewis.C