Awesome F-22 Raptor Falls/freefall from sky in full control 4K

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Watch the raptor in the RIAT Airshow 2016 perform some amazing maneuvers and falls gracefully from the sky and then powers out and finish with a Tail slide.
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Never saw the scene on the thumbnail. Hate that.

Author — Percy Hawkins


whoever recorded this is as skilled as the pilot lol

Author — KUPHSER


What a brilliant piece of engineering right there

Author — sam trevor


F-22 Raptors are the most beautiful fighter jets ever created...

Author — Harry Wilson


Man this is my ultimate favorite flight!!!! Wow. I will be thinking about this one for the rest of my life. . Does anyone know who the pilot is because I would love to shake their hand!

Author — Jennifer Green


LOVE to see my brothers in the cockpit!

Author — U.S. Military Technology


Well done, great footage, true sound. And noooo obnoxious music. People take note, this is what aviation enthusiasts want to see. 👍👍

Author — rsl6767


This is starscreams new job to make money instead of working for megatron

Author — j707jjgaming


I helped build the first 2 Prototypes of these in the late 80s, early 90s. Hard to believe they are that old already!

Author — Peter Mashak


Goose would still be alive if he had a 22...this is the flat spin that killed him. RIP goose

Author — J D


spot on footage not too close and not too far away, plus the natural sound, no bloody music, thanks.

Author — Steve Boyd


Not sure how it even got off the tarmac with the weight of the pilot's bollocks in there.

Author — Naz Nomad


My heart stopped just watching the video.

Author — Joy Joy Games


I love how the f22 is so clean looking

Author — JustCyan


I'll be sick to my stomach when this aircraft is retired.

Author — c9j9RT


Wait just one minute! According to the haters, the F22 is not capable of doing what I just saw it do.

Author — Chris Parker


Wow.... the g force's in that thing must be incredible.... 🤔...

Author — Bradley Emmerson


now that's a great day at the "office" ..absolutely awesome

Author — Wunda Fool


It wasn't gravity that brought it back down .. it was the pilot's heavy balls of steel..

Author — Marlon Brando


When he goes home he must get really bored driving his car .

Author — WildPhotoShooter