The awkward debate around Trump's mental fitness

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The awkward debate around Trump's mental fitness 4

The rule that keeps psychiatrists from talking about Trump.

Trump has made questions about his mental fitness unavoidable, with nearly every major news network now openly discussing whether the president has the the cognitive stability to do his job. But psychiatrists and mental health experts have been largely absent in the debate about Trump’s mental health. That’s thanks to the Goldwater Rule, a decades-old ethical guideline that’s coming under serious pressure as Trump starts his second year in office.

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"I'm not a doctor, so I can't comment...."

"I am a doctor, so I can't comment..."

Author — Ricky Poon


It’s not awkward. It accurate. He’s mentally unfit.

Author — JN West


"A gag rule. I'm into it."
"You would be."

H O L D U P.

Author — laurence


I think that he is in the early stages of mental decline. Why? 1) His dad died of Alzheimer's so it runs in the family. 2) If you watch his interviews from 25-30 years ago, he speaks with a more complex dialogue. Today he acts like an adolescent on tweets and rallies and that is a possible sign of early Alzheimer's or Dementia look it up . The reason his supporters don't see it is because they think on that level already

Author — dave m


It's becoming unbearably difficult to take seriously people who believe in Trump 100% as an honourable intelligent man.

Author — Liberal Larry


#notmypresident ... literally, cause I don't live in America

Author — Syazwan Sanep


I'm not a doctor,


Author — Chaos Gaming


anyone else triggered by 1:06 ??? all the other highlights were perfect...

Author — Hannah A


Of course he is of sound mind, but the sounds in his mind are getting stronger everyday.

Author — Lisergiko


he said ''I'm not going to play golf like Obama, I will be busy in the White House ''' PRICELESS

Author — Walt Snow


Im from Spain
Our president wished us happy 2016 this year

Author — ORNAQUE1


You got what you voted for. He's in the same mental state that he was campaigning in.

Author — Bekillingyou1


But but... Her emails! Lock her up lock her up!

Wait wait what are we talking about?


Author — TraitorShamer


Trump's fav books*

The Oranges of the Universe

Covfefe With The Wind

100 Hamberders Recipes

My Journey to Nambia

The Truth Behind Tim Apple

*on Audible

Author — Tlot Pwist


Have you seen his hair???
Of course he's not of sound mind.

Author — Jezabel-in-Hell


I'm a stable genius. Wait, I forgot what we were talking about...screw all you

Author — Tyrone Sharp


Thank you Dr Bandy Lee for standing up for the interests of the whole world.

Author — wattlesong


There is no debate, the guy is Looney Tunes.

Author — David D


He´s gonna get us all killed. And by "all of us" I´m referring to our entire species.

Author — NKA23


i only clicked to say eh's crazy. he just want's to show off that he so-called rules and own's a country to his rich (in his eyes poor) friends

Author — otto leeverink