The Science Behind the Coronavirus, Series II

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The Science Behind the Coronavirus, Series II 4.5

In this second installment of our “The Science Behind the Coronavirus” series, Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, the executive chairman of the Los Angeles Times, continues his examination of the ways the scientific community is taking up the battle against COVID-19.

Soon-Shiong (MD, MBBCh, MSc, FRCS (C), FACS) begins his presentation with a warning: The virus is continuing to mutate and is here to stay. But, Soon-Shiong adds, there is hope. Over an introduction and six parts, Soon-Shiong explains how scientists around the world are considering treating patients suffering from stages of COVID-19.

Finally, Soon-Shiong breaks down the medical concepts researchers are pondering as they search for a vaccine. Soon-Shiong is a surgeon and scientist who has spent his career studying the human immune system to fight cancer and infectious diseases. He is also the chairman and chief executive of NantWorks and the owner of or investor in a number of companies, including ImmunityBio and NantKwest, which are currently researching immunotherapies for COVID-19.



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Some thing is going to kill us all . This guy speaking here is one of the intelligent person on earth .

Author — smalltown 777


Dampening the immune system and now they are using dexamethasone for the "red" ICU patients to do just that.

Author — Shih Tzus Rule


Thank you for this in depth explanation of the COVID 19 impact on our bodies, and potential sources of treatment.

Author — WonderMagician


Must say that one appreciates how attractive his voice is.

Author — En Mrs


Thank you doctor for your presentation! Give us more knowledgeable and more understanding about the SARS-COV-2. Dear Lord, please save your poor and lowly creatures!

Author — Chi Vu


Yes. This is SARS-CoV-2. Many ppl don’t know this. It’s extremely contagious & can end in ARDS symptoms that cause the immune system to create something called a cytokine storm.

Author — S P


A most excellent A+ informative and thorough presentation. Thank you, Dr. All the best to you.

Author — Ďŕ Òĺģa Graham


Wow, I'm not a trained medical professional and only had a high school biology class, but I believe I understood at least 95% of this well articulated presentation.
I shared this on my FB page!

Author — gjsterp


Thank you Dr. Soon-shiong for your efforts to combat this terrible scourge, and for giving us hope for the future.

Author — B Truj


This wouldful science i'm learning about this covid-19 disease and all the science behind it hopefully soon we can have a vaccine he'll keep this Coronavirus in the Butt,

I'll be earring a mask 😷 and going out when I have to avoid the crowds definitely don't go on buses and definitely the mall with a mask

Author — Anthony Gibbs


Thank you I now understood how the replacement plasma treatment actually works

Author — Beverley Lumb


I fear economically amd fear being politicized via the virus, , so I hope you understand that part, that said I love this video and thank you, I learned a lot

Author — Tailor Made


Thank you Dr. Soon-shiong for the very informative video and all the works you are doing in the fight with this pandemic.

Author — Mark Mai


Nice video! 만리길도 한걸음 부터 (Long journey begins with a single step) – Korean proverb

Author — Korean Library


@ Dr Patrick Soon-Shiong You are the first person that I have seen that makes apparent the difference between the 2 masks. I try to explain this to everyone. Some understanding; some not so much.

Author — Landscaping Specialist


Very interesting video thank you doctor!!

Author — Drusilla Terrebonne


My therapeotic meds, is of my own herbs.

Author — nida webb


When will it get into people's heads the always lie to get in power when they get they don't keep there promise but people still fall for it all the time did you believe the boy who cryied wolf the goverment always cry wolf an still u silly people believe how gullible you are get it into you head folks

Author — philip blakeley


This virus didn’t find a way to hijack our bodies, it was shown the way and bio engineered to be highly infectious to humans by the CCP through the Wuhan virology lab. It’s War. A way for the Communist party to throw its weight around and show their power that all countries are responsible for giving to them in the first place. People need to open their damn eyes and quit letting propaganda and the WHO control their minds. The blind leading the blind.

Author — cobrasvt347


As a layman who loves microbiome nowadays, i was able to study immune system 101 crash course outside this youtube...
1:10:25 really excites me.

Author — Dein Sun