2023 American Silver Eagle. Thoughts on the premium

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That coin was minted in Philadelphia (no mint mark). Mint mark is on the reverse side of the coin. The W on the obverse is actually W over A, initials for Adolph A. Weinman, the artist that conceived the walking liberty in 1916. Gotta love the eagles.

Author — Pestilentruth


I think the Eagle is a great coin, I also really like the quality. I have a date run from Inception of the series in my collection and I also have a few tubes for investment. I like the Type I best. I will buy only one 2023 as the premium is too high for me. It is a shame because for me the Eagle is a top coin. Also there are some minor changes to the obverse as well, I suspect the USA Mint was too scared to do a total change to such an established coin and therefore only had the confidence to do half but I do not blame them on this.

Author — SouthSideFrankie


These are my entry into collecting after inheriting a few random coins.


I bought from the mint directly, a 2022 San Francisco Proof and some 2023 West Point Uncirculated.
The west point strikes are the most beautiful business strike coins I've ever seen, and completely free of all blemishes
Extremely even spotting/dimpling pattern on the entire surface.
I see a total of 1 blemish over all of them, and the proof strike has perfect mirror fields (would they call this ultra cameo?), so they should grade high.
I like the security features and fine silver is great.


They seem overpriced, but I see no better quality gov't-backed silver coin being minted right now (although I do like the britannia). Realistically, we probably won't even use them IRL. Perhaps the mint is just preying on my inexperience and there's finer coins elsewhere.

Author — Alex Jones


I am going to wait for the 2023 Libertad. I will probably end up adding a couple of Eagles later in the year.

Author — anthhub


It is a beautiful coin, and the design change I like, but the excess premium being levied puts me off purchasing them?
I have quite a few of various years and but if you are a stacker you can get a lot more silver for your money by getting maples?
I would have thought prices would follow silver spot (roughly following the trend), but they seem to charge whatever they want?

Author — Rob6


Is it normal for this 2023 to be so sharp on de edges🤔?

Author — Luis Montalvo


The prices are adjusted to inflation and manipulated spot prices

Author — iM Nguyen


I got one 2023 NGX MS10 silver eagle and one NGCX PF10 silver eagle

Author — 🐲 My Kitten Is A Grand Master 🐉


It is political imo. Maybe the US gov do not want their citizens buying too much silver ie real money out side the collapsing paper dollar.

Author — mrfedupable