Thor 4 Love And Thunder: Everything You Need To Know

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Thor 4 Love And Thunder: Everything You Need To Know 5
This Is What Will Happen In Marvel's Thor: Love And Thunder in the MCU Phase Four

Marvel Studios has officially announced at this weekend’s San Diego Comic—Con that a fourth Thor movie will be happening and it’ll be called Thor: Love and Thunder. Taika Waititi will return to write and direct, following the success of Thor: Ragnarok, but that wasn’t a big surprise, considering the fan reaction the third Thor movie got.
The big surprise in Hall H was the announcement that Natalie Portman will be coming back as Jane Foster. Not only that, but she’ll be getting her own magical hammer, becoming the mighty Thor.
Another bit of exciting news came from Tessa Thompson, as she revealed that Valkyrie, the king of Asgard, will be searching for a queen, which is an official confirmation that Valkyrie is indeed the first LGBT hero in the MCU.

With all of these major announcements, one has to wonder what the story of Thor: Love and Thunder will involve and what new characters we’ll see in the movie. For a long time, fans have been hoping to see characters like Beta Ray Bill and Enchantress make an appearance in the Thor trilogy, but they were never used. Hopefully, Thor 4 will finally bring those characters and some other fan favorites to the MCU.

Since Thor: Love and Thunder will be coming out in 2021 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 currently doesn’t even have a release date, it’s possible that the ending of Avengers: Endgame isn’t going to lead to a Thor and Guardians team up. So, the question is, what’s Thor: Love and Thunder going to be about.


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I just don't want thor to get taken out of the movies and Lady Thor replace him.

Author — well gee slugger


Thor is actually stronger than Captain Marvel

Author — Vergil


I dont think jane is weak or anything but nobody can do thor as good as hemsworth

Author — satan gamer 555


Hopefully Thor goes back to his Infinity War form.

Author — Tucker Waterbury


Thor 1 and 2 literally bottled up Chris's energy and 3 actually shows how funny he is and makes more fun

Author — Logan Welch


I hope thor 4 begins with some pushups

Author — Retro Bro


Well... I don’t really want the MCU to end up like the comics... because the comics is to weird

Author — Derpzzz


Thor's beer belly was fake?!
I need a minute

Author — I'm Player One


My prediction is that somebody will fight somebody over some reason.

Author — Black Hat Cinephile


To me I just want two things

1. NOT fat Thor nor end of Thor

2. Bring back MJLONIR

Author — OsamaKhalid18


Could we have beutiful Ragnarok haircut

Author — 12r85p F


Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness is happening!

Author — FerndalePlayz


Nobody can play the role of Thor whatever it is I don’t like jean foster she’s too weak

Author — Jerry Cesar


IDK man, I felt that Valkyrie served as a better Character in Ragnarok than Jane in Thor(1+2). I do feel that they should have focused more on her than bringing Jane back

Author — Rishit Thakur


Not excited. What is the point of thor 4 if it isn't based on thor

Author — The Cake


Jane foster should just be a side character not much more

Author — Lucky


I'm NOT a fan of seeing Valkyrie and so called Cpt Marvel becoming lovers. And I'm not the only one that said that.

Author — pisces equinox


I hope she doesnt stay thor for long anyone else

Author — Alex cross


Thor the best avenger
I’m gifting the 10 lucky subscribers

Author — Xd Michael


I am so sick and tired of this woman movement when is it going to stop

Author — DutchGreen215