Naya Rivera Opens Up About Santana, Glee Casting & Heather Morris' Baby! | Perez Hilton

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Naya Rivera Opens Up About Santana, Glee Casting & Heather Morris' Baby! | Perez Hilton 5

So much Santana goodness!!

And while she chatted with us about her beau Big Sean and new concert hosting gig, she also happily opened up about Glee's upcoming fifth season!

Ch-ch-check out the full clip (above)!!

But if you Gleeks are all too eager, keep reading for the scoop...AFTER THE JUMP!!!

On playing Santana for a fifth year:

"It's been so cool... I've been able to consistently play a character. When I go to work, I feel that I'm living Santana. I think that's one of the reasons why I love television so much."

On what to expect on Season 5:

"She started off as just being super rude to everybody, then she came out and she was super sad. Now she's liberated again and has moved to New York. I think in Season 5 we'll get to see more of her growing up and exploring different things."

On Glee's casting cuts:

"I don't think it's going to be that big of a chance because our storylines were so spread out last season. It was really third season when we knew we weren't all going to be together anymore, so we mourned that than. I think it's bittersweet still... We are all adults so it's really nice to see everyone branch out."

On Heather Morris' baby-to-come:

"She's so cute. She just looks adorable. She just looks the same, except someone stuck a huge belly on her. Everywhere else, you're like, 'You're not pregnant.'"

On the possibility of Naya joining the American Horror Story cast, following the filming of her thriller:

"I know! I keep asking...! It would be so cool! You'd just move onto another Ryan Murphy show!"

Fingers crossed!!

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Naya Rivera Opens Up About Santana, Glee Casting & Heather Morris' Baby! | Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton

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i think Santana likes blondies.. Brittany, Quinn, Dani. ;D

Author — Daniela Adriana - Praulinya.


Why?!! WHY is this in my recommended i cant get over this loss

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Rest in peace angel, we will miss you forever 💖

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Shay mitchell should totally date santana

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Lol she said "ariana grandes the way." And now her ex is with naya forever

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Wish we can reward time and she put on the life jacket on 💔❤ r.i.p naya

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Oh Naya....we all miss "this" you. leave the Kim Kardashian look behind. forget bout you ex. Just be the Naya we all know and love!!

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Santana was the best one in glee ❤️️❤️️

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What indie movie was she in? I wanna watch all her movies/shows in her honor. RIP Naya ♥️

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Just here to remember how beautiful she was 😭❤️

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my baby 😩 I’m having such a hard time processing the fact that she’s gone 😭 I love you forever Naya !!! Angel baby ❤️

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This is so sad to watch now knowing she is gone🥺

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2 days before Cory died😭 she wanted to sing make you feel my love

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Looking back on these vids make me so sad but happy rip angel❣️🥺

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Demi is the celebrity that plays santanas girlfriend and rachel sings make you feel my love on season 5

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I can't describe how much I love a serious Naya Rivera. I mean, her funny, snixx self is also perfect. But when she is serious like this... I just stop and stare because she is so beautiful and sexy...

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Living as Santana... so your marrying Heather? :D ..i'm sorry lol. 

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RIP Naya, I don’t think it’s a coincidence they found her body the same day Cory died 7 years ago. I believe he guided them to her so they could be reunited. 🕊🖤

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