Grillo Climber 10 AWD 27

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Grillo Climber 10 AWD 27 è un trinciaerba idrostatico senza eguali. Le 4 ruote motrici permanenti insieme al potente motore, con potenza 27 HP al banco, 22 HP netta, lo rendono brillante anche nelle pendenze ripide e su terreni con aderenza ridotta.
La resa di taglio in erba anche molto alta ed arbusti con un diametro fino a 25 mm fanno del Climber 10 una macchina ideale in agricoltura e per usi professionali.
Le dimensioni compatte, studiate per le migliori performance in pendenza e la trasmissione idrostatica Kanzaki con bloccaggio differenziale dell’asse posteriore lo rendono un trinciaerba sicuro per l’utilizzatore, affidabile in ogni situazione ed eccezionalmente stabile.

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Genius! Amazing Mower, when is it coming to the US? You will dominate the Mkt with that unit.

Author — NRALifer1


This cuts massive amounts may be the best I've seen. It appears the hydrostat is operated with the right hand. That would be a bit strange if true.

Author — One Fly


Precisamos urgente de um Grillo desse aqui no Brasil. Além desse trabalho deve fazer muitos outros. Tem aqui no Brasil?

Author — Paulo Carvalhedo


No clue what she said, but I was on the edge of my seat the whole time !!!🤣🤣🤣

Author — Dustin Mcpherson


That is cool! I want one for my property.

Author — toben42


Where can I buy one of these amazing machines

Author — Marco Ceccarelli


Onde posso comprar esse equipamento no Brasil?

Author — Joao Luiz Weber Stefanello


Would be nice to have when my jungle needs mowing.

Author — Jeff Barker


Only an Italian could make a brush mower or forestry mulcher sexy.

Author — Arnold's Design


Man, I wish that these were available in North America. It would life so much easier.

Author — Walter E. Mellin


I don’t speak Italian, but I loved the video. You obviously don’t have many rocks.

Author — Michael W. Salter


Quanto costa ? Oppure si può anche noleggiare?

Author — Irma Tomasi


Take my money please. All of it. Absolutely amazing. This actually excites me, I can't stand cutting under growth with loppers and saws. I'm a huge forestry fan, I've been practicing my whole life, started by picking up all the dead sticks in a 5 acre area.

Author — fatbuddycat


Awesome machine. Best mower I’ve used.

Author — Edwin Dude


I wonder how to become a dealer? Who many Hp, we can see it’s a Briggs and Stratton is that the only motor?

Author — Gary Bradshaw


I need one it’s a lawnmower and a dune buggy all in one

Author — Banjo Player


Ma sto coso è persino divertente.! Davvero una figata oltre che utile.
Un vero gioiellino

Author — Gustavo Salinas - Full maker