SEMA 2017: Honeywell Garrett G-Series Small-Displacement Turbochargers

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SEMA 2017: Honeywell Garrett G-Series Small-Displacement Turbochargers 5
Tim Coltey explains how Honeywell Garrett's new G-Series turbochargers make big power out of smaller frame turbochargers, along with the new naming convention. Advanced materials and design makes a compact unit that fits in more locations, while moving the air of a larger turbocharger.

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I wonder how a Nissan 300ZXTT would perform with 2 of these.

Author — Skyline Fever


I wanna stick two of these on a 13b in a bi-turbo config :3 lol

Author — FukU2222


he mixed up inducer/exducer. he means 60mm exducer on the 550 and 67mm exducer on the 660

Author — House of Boost


Make the same kit for the Ecoboost 1.6 or the Ford Gt a message for FullRace, i´m bored to see here in Europe only revo can, and all the other tuning kits are fake.

Author — Emanuele Loche


Reverse rotation turbos have been in existence probably as long as turbos have been in existence (1920s or so). In a 5 second internet search, Holset made reverse rotation predating 1975. They have been common-place in countless OEM applications.

I looked up the NRE patent and it's really more of a 'design' patent than a technology patent. Kinda like how BMW will patent the look of a car. Also note the NRE patent is specific to a turbo SYSTEM on a V-engine, so nothing having to do with turbos themselves. And there's a reason it's not related to a turbo or turbo technology specifically because reverse rotation turbos have been around since probably most of us were born.

US patent US 7571717 B2, Abstract: A turbocharger system for an engine includes first and second turbochargers, having air intake impellers which rotate in opposite directions. This enables the first and second turbochargers to be mounted on opposite sides of an engine in a symmetrical fashion, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement as well as air intake and exhaust piping being of the generally same length and configuration to optimize engine performance

Author — Khiem Dinh


it looks very cheap to me, almost like plastic

Author — FordSierraIS


Looks like crap...plastic want last 5min dumbasses....😂

Author — HO LEE FOOK