The Stilwell Brain

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There are 100 billion individual neurons in the human brain. Working together, they allow us to make sense of, and move through, the world around us. Scientists have built replicas of the human brain with computers, but no one has ever successfully made a brain out of humans. On this episode, I’ll travel back to my hometown of Stilwell, Kansas, and turn it into a working brain!

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Everyone take a moment to appreciate Michael for making the Mind Field series free.

Author — Mattias Grutop


Michael: 0% chance of rain, but 100% chance of brain

**You have entered the comedy area**

Author — pfizer121


He literally created a Mind Field. A field with a mind.

(Edit/Side Note: Someone else made this joke already!! Sorry about that!! Go like their comment instead 😁)

Author — softserve


All the most important part of the eye, Retina, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, IT, And Chris.

Author — Ross


"Some of my earliest memories are from here..."

Are you sure they are your memories, Michael?

Author — Armandt Oosthuizen


making your hometown function like a could say you created a mind field (i hope you dont make this joke later in the episode)

Author — okaykid


24:25 brain cells after 6 seconds of Jake Paul

Author — tubercular


Can we just appreciate Ryan the medic? Such a wholesome boyo.

Author — Alberro?


My favorite part of this experiment, is that there was an error in the design of the brain, causing zero output. Like a programmer, they singled out their error, corrected their design, and proceeded to see the entire thing work flawlessly.
The cherry on top was the fact that there was some amount of error catching going on, filtering out what wouldn't be part of the number.

Author — Josny13


Mind Field is slowly turning into Vsauce. Michael can finally be himself as seen in this great episode.

Author — Hamza Raissouli


I can't believe this demonstration actually made me understand how basic vision works with no prior knowledge

Author — PankakeManceR


Micheal: we can target that one brain cell, and ask 'are you damaged, what do you need'

Human neuron: *sweating*

Author — Gaming Seriously


Math's teacher: You can't bring calculator to the test

Author — Barto10


This is the most Vsauce video of Mindfield (to this point): no hidden camera, funny editing, comedy and a lot of puns. I really enjoyed Michael here!

Author — Yungblut


He made his hometown function as a brain on a football field. I guess you could call it a:

Field Mind

Author — Jasper Lee


"My favorite part about the brain is that it actually worked"
that was the best line in the entire video

Author — 8-bit Sarda


Imagine that, in the future, Vsauce released his last video ever, and he literally says “Hey! Vsauce here. By the way, everything on my channel was fake. You believed it, didn’t you?” Michael then proceeds to explain the entire collection of psychological effects that he used to convince the world that his YouTube channel was honest research. When in reality, the entire channel was a long-term experiment. Forget the meme of getting vectored, getting vsauced is up next.

Author — Lazy And Proud of It


Mom: “Why are you home from school so late?”
Me: “Oh that’s because I was a braincell today!!”

Author — Charissa Schoon


This is why seizures happen in the brain, huh? Because the flashing lights fire the neurons on and off continuously.. Wow! Such a good episode

Author — Aan


Michael: "Unfortunately, I don't have access to everyone in China"
Also Michael: Runs for president of China when Xi Jinping dies

Author — Marcus Lopez-pierre