The Rules of ANIMATING

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The Rules of ANIMATING 5
Warning! this video was animated horribly, accidentally on purpose.

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Dutch subtitles by Thibault Molleman


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You *ALWAYS* need a swirly chair. *ALWAYS*.

Author — NeonBunnies


"Befriend the pizza delivery man: you'll need him." Then he eats the pizza delivery man. I don't think you're going to make friends that way.

Author — BlueAmpharos


The Rule of LIFE
1. Watch this video.
2. Find whatever you are trying hard to achieve.
3. Replace any version of the word 'Animation' with your preferred action.
4. Win

Author — Cjras Razeus


I require villager on a swirly chair as a .gif

Author — prop


This silent film with words?
That;s legit.

Author — ThePCguy17


I actually use these rules when animating. I even have a spinny chair. The pizza man is my friend.

Author — EpikS4uce


Element animation:
You like being asleep at night and awake during the day?
Me: No.

Author — Nerdisnopinata


Damnit! Another video I forgot to like the first time I saw it and remembered to like the video after the 50th rewatch. Anyways I just absolutely love this video, it was done so perfectly that I always smile at the very least at it, and it's so accurate in it's rules.

Author — StupidMarioBros1Fan


Someone needs to make Too bad your an animator now a meme!

Author — Sedna Bold


Part 2!!!
Like so that they can see!!!
Part 2!!!

Author — iconicteam04


I feel like only those that produce content (with any effort) get the jokes. Those that don't produce content (or use minimal to no effort) just get a better understanding of how we feel.

Author — Nojical


If i tried to animate, i think I'd fail.
So hard.

Author — monomi


Rule #1
You must upload more parts to your rules of animating faster.

Author — 09gamewalkthroughs


Thanks to this video, I have become the greatest animator of all time. Pixar fired hundreds of employees just so I alone could be the entirety of Pixar's animation development team, but I declined.

I now float through the heavens, animating videos for various animation deities who can only dream of matching my talent.

Author — ViKing Games


"Person who piano" #whenyoureadthecredits

Author — melancholy starlight


This taught me well, I can now go and animate professionally.

Author — Sarah Z


1. You care about personal hygiene... too bad you're an animator now.
2. Do you want to have a girlfriend... too bad your an animator now.
3. Buy the most expensive computer, and waste all your money possible to handle everything you need to make that will need no make your subsribers happy.
4. think you can accomplish somthing in your life... too bad you're an animator now.
5. Feel like committing suicide... too bad you're an animator.

Author — Henry Vos


OMG THIS VIDEO WAS SHORT (if u did not get my sarcasm I lost faith in humanity... Wait THTS already lost... Nvm)

Author — Hailestorm


Wow that was very discouraging to young guy in COLLEGE FOR ANIMATION!

Author — Donte


"warning! This video was animated HORRIBLY accidentally on purpose"

"Task failed succesfully!"

Author — just a random gd player