Dramatic eyeliner tutorial

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Dramatic eyeliner tutorial 5

omg ignore my brows haha xD


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Seriously, this is the realest eyeliner tutorial I have seen. You actual show the time and effort that goes into it, instead of just making it look like it's "super easy." Very well done and gorgeous!

Author — Clara Wright


I wish I were this good at eyeliner. But I have small eyelids, so bit much space :/ And they shake like crazy when I try to put on eyeliner.

Author — Lithostoic


whenever i try to do stuff like this... i just horribly mess up and look like a racoon.
especially when i try to do the inner eye corner.

Author — Kenzie


I kept getting nervous you were going to stab yourself in the eye omg

Author — Calum The Turnip


Thanks SO much for using our music in this great video!!

Author — Amarante Music


My little makeup-loving soul died a little when youve been struggling so hard to get a straight line at fist, the look turned out amazing though✨also what kind of lashes do you use for top and bottom and what is the brown smudgy liner called that you used?

Author — Julia L.


u r so beautiful and really good at makeup, pls make more vids like these

Author — Ayoosh Shawki


Can;t wait to try this out in the morning :D I love all the looks you do

Author — Dani Cardinale-Weinberg


what lashes did u use? theyre so pretty and totally complete this look 😍😍😍

Author — Javace Vazquez


You are so beautiful 💖💖 (sorry for my terrible english i'm french 😊)

Author — Kharæ


I love so much your makeup, you're very pretty and your job it's awesome, justo like, from mexico

Author — Ivonne Edith


She reminds me of my childhood, and I feel so nostalgic seeing her videos. I'm such a sell-out for popularity, and I regret it so much ;-;

Author — Lycoris Radiata


I noticed your eyes don't water at all when you do your eye makeup.
I'm so jealous xD

Author — bella


The process is a bit slow but the result is absolutely gorgeous! Love this look. ^_^

Author — peps♡


Wow you're beautiful, like I can't even

Author — Candyfloss329


This girl knows how to do amazing dramatic makeup omg... Have y'all seen Eugenia cooney's makeup tutorials? lmao it looks like she let a 3 year old do it 😭😂👎🏻

Author — elaynuh


I'm gonna try this...but I seriously suck at makeup

;0; come and be my personal makeup artist! ^ 3 ^

Author — Kitty Mëëëw


The music is so calming. So soothing c: I love it. I'd probably look awful altough :(

Author — shelby dazen


i love this eyeliner look!
you are amazing girl. 
i wish i found your channel earlier in life. <3

Author — TaraLee


This is so perfect t <3 I love that eyeliner it is so perfectly black!

Author — Blake Abel