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How Fox News Reacted to Obama’s North Korea Policies | NowThis 5

President Trump just became the first president to step into North Korea. Fox News had a very different reaction to when President Obama wanted to negotiate with North Korea.

In world news now, Fox News Channel is once again displaying its on air hypocrisy when it comes to the Trump vs Obama White House. Last month saw President Donald Trump in London, now he has become the first U.S. president to step foot in North Korea. Some would argue that for President Donald Trump, best moments in his presidency have often come from the Trump North Korea negotiations with Kim Jong Un. Detractors argue that a nuclear weapons comparison would show North Korea and the North Korea policies are not playing friendly with the United States. Turn on the TV and you'll see a clearly difference between how Fox News reacted to Obama wanting to talk to North Korea and how Fox News reacts to Trump doing the same.

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Hypocrisy. They make themselves look so bad lol

Author — luisa carrillo


Remember when Fox News was hating Obama when he went golfing. But with trump it's okay, lol it's just like watching North Korean news

Author — Double D


No one:

Fox News: *Obama is bad because he wants to sit down with our enemies!*

Also Fox News: *Trump is a genius! He wants to sit down with our enemies!*

Author — David


The fact that someone out there watched this clear depiction of hypocrisy by fox news and still says it was “carefully edited to make them look bad” is just mindblowing
Edit: Wow 😱 thanks for the likes

Author — King 05


Just commenting to push the Youtube algorithm, thanks for your work.

Author — slintirreg


Sad thing is, their viewers dont care.

Author — Demetrius Wilburn


Obama is bowing and scraping? 🤣🤣🤣 That's the funniest line in this entire hypocritical episode.

Author — C O'Neal Black


I literally spit my drink when heard Geraldo calling Trump “so charming” dude GTFOH 🤣😂🤣

Author — shadowlesswarrior


Obama was criticized for wearing a tan colored suit, they used to find something wrong with him every step he made smh.

Author — Danny Weaks


Then he became president and he actually didn't meet with most dictators, now we have Trump all he wants to do is hang out with dictators and Fox News just thinks that's hop skip and dandy

Author — jim Moore


The background music makes this video 100x better

Author — iVince905


Democrats should run this as a ad for the 2020 election everyday...this is pure it.

Author — nyron rampartap


Fox News, right wing TV for the intellectually and morally challenged.

Author — Right is Wrong


hannity, carlson, etc should be forced to watch this brilliant piece of editing

Author — Jr shane


Nobel prize for trump? lol
That's the stupidest thing I've heard in years 😂

Author — ExSiegfried


HOLY COW. I knew this would be hypocritical, but I was still able to be surprised by the specificity of the commentary...

Author — Leigh Finnegan


It’s impossible to deny the obscene level of hypocrisy, which is very deeply instilled in the minds of those on the right when undeniable proof is laid out so perfectly as this.

Author — Danny Cummings


What Obama does with his time according to Fox:
-talking with dictators

Author — Nothing is Real


This is why i only watch Fox news for research into stupidity and hypocrisy!

Author — shelbo welbo


I watch Fox News for comedy and comedians for news.

Author — Mo cawil