Aston Martin's Progress Means The Future Is Bright

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 months ago

The Aston Martin team are heading into their third season back in F1. They have an ambitious goal to compete for a world championship within 5 years, so are they on track?
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Aston Martin's greatest achievement was creating that clip of the car being wheeled out of the trailer. That bit footage has gotten so much mileage from F1 channels, it might as well qualify towards the 100km pre-season shakedown limit.

Author — Stefan Stenroos


I'll give Aston one thing, they're truly showing the ambition, drive and actual effort into rising up through the grid, something I feel other teams don't quite all have in a full package

Author — Wizzkidwas


If there's one thing that you have to credit Aston Martin for is that they at least seem to have some ambition beyond just being on the grid. I wish that they become successful in the future and I'll be rooting for them this year.

Author — Why are you reading my nickname?


I think Aston Martin/Lawrence Stroll are doing everything necessary on paper to move the team up the grid, but bigger budget or not, it's always down to three things for all teams, need a great car, need great drivers to push that car to the limit, and a team behind that quite literally functions like a well oiled machine. I don't know with Lance--6 years or whatever in, there is no part of me that sees him as potentially being front of the pack if given a real opportunity. Realistically he only cracked highest position he could have hoped for behind the top 3 teams, once in 6th for 2022, only scoring more than a singular point, 2x in the season, otherwise he was typically 11th, 12th, 15th lower coupled with some notable mistakes on track. I'm hoping Fernando can move the needle for them in the positive direction in '23. All hope certainly is not lost, but I think these next 2-3 years will be crucial for them which they know, hence the investment in the team and it's new facilities.

Author — Banyo


Hey Andy. Great video!

I'm slowly climbing aboard the Aston Martin hype train with every new detail that comes up.

Alonso might be right saying Stroll could be Champion. 😁

Author — WimboFormula!


Been a longtime sub now. Always love your videos. I'm excited for this season. Should be very interesting

Author — Yosef Cardoso


Realistically Aston Martin will probably only be able to compete for championships or front of the midfield at least by 2026. They tumbled so much ever since Racing Point got rebranded and their facilities supposedly to make things better are only going to come online by 2024 to 2025. So any actual results to their major projects would still take a long time to show. That's also not including Lance's inconsistent performance. Alonso can probably make things better but even he has to stick around for a while if he wants to see any real progress.

So at this point the team either go in for the long game or Stroll could budge before that and sell the team if he feels like it doesn't work. Whether or not they're on track will depend on how they make use of their planned future infrastructure.

Author — Dustin Abigan


‘I am extremely angry’ that Aston Martin have not got up to speed

Author — The racing guy


Great Video my man ! I’m sure they will have to let go of Lance & get someone like Bottas or Pierre next to Fernando..

Author — Dean Alberts


Fernando has the speed of a rookie and experience of a veteran, in a competitive car he'll be in top 3 and this is coming from a seb fan.

Author — Varun Mishra


I think Alonso will win a race in this car, just need max to have engine trouble with 5 laps to go with Alonso in a distance 2nd place. Like at a Monaco grand Prix

Author — anfeild8


As a customer team, they will be at a disadvantage and I don't see them as title contenders .

Author — give me a break


Lance Stroll Jr. confirmed for the 2040 F1 season partnering Fernando Alonso!

Author — Coffee Marshall


I feel Aston have brought the budget the team lacked but killed the culture at the same time. I can’t see them reaching the front, though their budget should mean they brute-force their way back to the midfield over the under-funded Haas and Williams.

Author — Tom Hutchins


Underestimating the technical difficulties of beating established teams is a sign of arrogance and ignorance, no wonder they've not succeeded.

Author — Janner


If they could have dumped Lance then they could have got a decent replacement. Mika Hakkenin sabbatical is over. Top 3 fight will be between 2 time wdc winner since Fernando is there .

Author — Ryan Gerber


No team with lance as a driver can be taken seriously as a title contender

Author — Dragracingduleist


I just can't see Alonso helping Aston. Minardi is the only team that has signed Alonso and not been partially damaged in some capacity.

Author — FDthirty


Have they fired Lance?
There's your answer.

Author — Craig Robertson


Quiet confidence? They have been the opposite.

Author — Allan D