On The Front Line: Shells Continue To Fall In Eastern Ukraine

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On The Front Line: Shells Continue To Fall In Eastern Ukraine 4

Four years after the cease-fire signed in Minsk, intermittent shelling continues on the front line between Ukrainian forces and Russia-backed separatists.(Camera: Maryan Kushnir, Markiyan Lyseyko)

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I support Ukraine and I'm glad that RFE/RL is providing this coverage from the front lines. Other news organizations do not cover the war as often. It's good to keep the fact that Ukraine is still at war after five years fresh in people's minds.

Author — Justin D


Humans fight, always have, always will, we just need more people to volunteer to die so i can live comfortably

Author — stelley08


intelligent race is not that intelligent to understand that the fighting instinct can be stopped by using intelligence and thus living in peace the remained years of this earthly life

Author — Illyrian Pelasgian


Most of the shelling to civlian areas is performed by facist zov brigade and other simmilar facist varmint resulting in most of the 13, 000 being civilians children and women. There is nothing free about "Radio Free Europe" and yhe onlyoccupation froces are US to keep the Germans in line.

Author — Juan Fabiani