Beethoven 9 - Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Riccardo Muti

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Beethoven 9 - Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Riccardo Muti 5

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Beethoven : you guys want some symphonies tonight?
crowd : *cheers loudly*
Beethoven : I can't hear you.

Автор — Sharvil Gandhi


this Beethoven dude is fire, when is his next album gonna drop

Автор — eef


5000 dislikes...this world is an evil place

Автор — Paradise Bungalows


Imagine how lit the crowd was mustve been when this dropped like 300 years ago at a live concert.

Автор — NFLization


I really hope I can watch a live orchestra in my lifetime

Автор — Forte


When this was over, the crowd was ecstatic and applauding wildly but Beethoven heard none of it.  The first violinist went to him and turned him around so he could see their reaction to his masterpiece. There are a few things in history that I wish I could time travel back and see and one of them would be the first performance of this with Beethoven himself conducting.

Автор — Dad4Life


Deutsche composer, Italian conductor, finnich soprano, usa orchestra and universal language...the music is life

Автор — Giuseppe Giuseppe


I’m not trying to sound overly melodramatic, but this is the greatest music I have ever heard.

Автор — Nuttymeemps


I. Allegro ma non troppo, un poco maestoso 1:43
II. Molto vivace 19:45
III. Adagio molto e cantabile - Andante moderato 35:41
IV. Finale: Ode to Joy 52:13

Автор — Sauriano


Is it normal to cry while you’re hearing this or do I have a brittle spirit?

Автор — Sam. PDI


Amazing how all this was inside a dude´s mind once.

Автор — Mud


freddie mercury: is 6 minutes that bloody long to you?
beethoven: hold my violin

Автор — bryngirl12


Interesting fact: the length of a CD is what it is because of this piece of music. Sony, the inventors, wanted this music to be able to fit on a CD
without any breaks

Автор — jbdhjones2


How lucky we are to live in a time when music can be recorded and played back! What I mean is, with classical symphonies it takes me something like 10-20 listens before I even begin to really get to know a piece. Even a relatively simple symph like say Beet's 1st sounds unfamiliar the first time you hear it, so I wonder what the audience made of Mov.1 of this, on first hearing? It tosses and turns like one of those nights you just can't get to sleep, and the beat keeps shifting just when you think you've caught it. Apart from the musicians themselves, how many people, back in 1825, would get the chance to become familiar with it as a whole? You'd have to go and see it played live numerous times. Now we just press Play and there it is, anytime we want it.

...Mind you, in one way maybe that's a good thing: I've only ever been to one classical concert, and even though I didn't know the music, I got very moved by it and found it hard to remain composed and quiet like you're supposed to at such concerts. I couldn't go and see this played, I would get chucked out for crying or throwing my arms about like a madman!

Автор — 579enact


*1:06:48* When You *Finally found Ode to Joy*

Автор — Léo Bandeira


1st movement: 1:49
2nd movement: 19:34
3rd movement: 35:27
4th movement: 52:12
Ode to Joy: 54:48
Choral: 59:23

Автор — lakerman49


This I think is one of the best performances of this.



Imagine composing this masterpiece while deaf.

Ludwig did an overkill.

Автор — Lilla K


I think that Ode To Joy is the closest we can get to feeling pure joy through music. Just before Beethoven died he muttered the words 'God, please could you grant me one day of pure joy'. And after that his famous words 'I shall hear in heaven'.

Автор — michelle trushell


Thank you. There is a reason this has 17 million views.

Автор — BraveUlysses59