Walkin' in the Wind: People blown over in streets as Storm Ivar hits Norway

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Walkin' in the Wind: People blown over in streets as Storm Ivar hits Norway 5

People christmas shopping in downtown Aalesund had troubles crossing the street today. The storm "Ivar" was blowing things and people around and police had to assist people in moving around.

One man blew off the sidewalk and into the street in an intersection downtown Aalesund earlier. An ambulance was required and the police is now present in the streets, to follow the development and help out where needed.

The storm is continuing towards Trondelag where 20 000 people now have lost power, and buses and boats are suspended. The police are also urging people to stay away from the downtown area in Trondheim.

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Imagine the wind just randomly stops instantly and everyone face planting straight into the ground

Author — juice man


(Huge storm arrives)
Norway people: what a great day to have a walk

Author — Marcy Marcy


Why is everyone still shopping during hurricane winds lmao

Author — Andre Lima


People: having trouble to walk
Camera guy: lemme record it

Author — Lea Loaiza


Imagine seeing wigs and extensions flying everywhere tho... *SNATCHED*

Author — Abi Kerr


I love how they're still trying to be cool with their hands in their pockets

Author — M Bryant


*being underweight*

*chuckles* "I'm in danger."

Author — Relv



His dedication to keep his hands in his pockets 😆

He’s too cool for you and this storm. 😎

Author — Sammmuela


Imagine shooting with gun in that direction, the bullets would literally go back to you

Author — Yoru Ame Music


laughing at the younger ones but man the elderly and special needs should not go out in this condition

Author — Anarina TV


*The first girl was moonwalking like Michael Jackson...*

Author — Puffix


1:05 poor old man, he immediately got arrested for assaulting the trash bin

Author — Zétanta


The wind doesn't push the cops, it's fearful.

Author — Olaf Weinzer


Storm Ivar: I’m about to end this person’s will to go out

me: *laughs in obesity*

Author — ugh Gowon’s scalp and crunchy voice


If Michael Jackson was still around, he would’ve definitely been inspired by this vid to come up with a new dance.

The windwalk 🌬 🚶‍♂️

Author — Sol Algebra


Normal person: Windy day

Athletes: Resistance training

Author — Brandon G


Nature: "I have wind at my disposal!"
Police: "I have a beard."
Nature: .... *negotiates passage*

Author — EnigmaDrath


Imagine a drunk person trying to walk in that wind.

Author — Todd Reeder


This is the place where Vegeta could train his skills.

Author — Alisson Lopes


No ones:
Wind: "I'm gonna end those people whole career"

Author — I am Antonio