RAMPS 1.6 - Switch Endstop

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Explains basic switch endstop sensor and how to enable and load correctly in Marlin Firmware on Arduino MEGA2560/RAMPS 1.6 motherboard.

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Required hardware:
1- Arduino MEGA2560
1- RAMPS 1.6
1- USB Cable
1- Endstop Mechanical Limit Switch

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Required Software:
Arduino MEGA2560 studios 1.8.7 or higher
MarlinFW (Firmware 2.0.x)

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Excellent video. Can you explain how to wire for NC operation and also set the firmware for NC? Additionally NO wiring and NO firmware? It's insanely disorienting, despite likely being simple.

I have switches just like yours, wired and sitting open, they state they are triggered (NC) when M119 is sent, firmware settings are set to false.

Is it wired NC or NO? Motors won't move if they're triggered.

Author — iso848


Молодец Эдвард, привет из России, давно подписан на твой канал, очень помогли видео по skr 1.3, спасибо тебе!

Author — vo1m1r


Great tutorial. If you have a 3D printer that has two Z axis stepper motors do you need a splitter cable or is there another way to accomplish this. Thanks

Author — Richard Brown