The General Relativity of Revolution | BETWEEN 2 WARS: ZEITGEIST! | E.03 - Spring 1919

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The General Relativity of Revolution | BETWEEN 2 WARS: ZEITGEIST! | E.03 - Spring 1919 5

It is a springtime of revolution throughout the world in 1919 and not just the political kind. Era-defining advances in science and technology and iconic cinematography are made this season.

Hosted by: Indy Neidell
Written by: Indy Neidell and Francis van Berkel
Director: Astrid Deinhard
Producers: Astrid Deinhard and Spartacus Olsson
Executive Producers: Astrid Deinhard, Indy Neidell, Spartacus Olsson, Bodo Rittenauer
Creative Producer: Maria Kyhle
Post-Production Director: Wieke Kapteijns
Research by: Indy Neidell and Francis van Berkel
Image Research by:
Edited by: Michał Zbojna
Sound design: Marek Kamiński

Mikołaj Uchman
Wayne Degan

Library of Congress
Icons from The Noun Project:
- retro computer By Tinashe Mugayi, MY
- audio sound recorder By Vectors Point, PK
- Radio by Bill Denk
- Old TV By Pascal Heß, DE
- Radio Tower by Iris Sun

Soundtracks from Epidemic Sound:
- British Royalty - Trailer Worx
- Flight Path - Cobby Costa
- Deflection - Reynard Seidel
- Flight Path - Cobby Costa
- A Single Grain Of Rice - Yi Nantiro
- Trapped in a Maze - Philip Ayers
- Symphony of the Cold-Blooded - Christian Andersen
- Rainy Landscapes - Farrell Wooten
- Ancient Saga - Max Anson

A TimeGhost chronological documentary produced by OnLion Entertainment GmbH.

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J'accuse is one of the many iconic films we'll explore in this series. The interwar period is when European cinema really starts to hit it's stride again after some serious setbacks during the Great War. In those years, American cinema rocketed to the mainstream both at home and abroad, with revolutionary filmmaking techniques being developed that we still see today such as close-ups, huge cast lists, and realistic set design.

The post-Great War is set to be a great era in the history of cinema and not just because of the films themselves, J'accuse and other films are important as historical movers in their own right! They shape public perceptions, influence political change, and inspire whole social movements, so make sure you stay tuned to find out.

And in the meantime, are there any iconic interwar films you think deserve to be in this series?

Author — TimeGhost History


To say this is a busy tie would be an understatement. Attractive in the same way an ugly Christmas sweater is. 3.5/5

Author — Gianni Verschueren


I just realized that when translated literally "Zeitgeist" means "Time Ghost" in English.

Author — Dogematic Atheism


Are we sure Indy isn't the Unabomber... seems to know a lot about postal bombings....

Author — Laurence Ingram


"Bottoms up, Dahling." LMAO

Author — Hojo J.


An interesting era-spanning figure related to Bauhaus (sort of) is Walter Gropius' wife Alma. She had previously been married to musician Gustav Mahler, then Gropius, and later writer Franz Werfel. One of my professors actually met her as a young man, and described her as extremely flirtatious despite being in her 60's at the time. And she would also be immortalized by Tom Lehrer's song "Alma".

Author — thexalon


We must say thanks to this man because sunglasses looks so cool

Author — România Countryball


I don't mean to nitpick but at 9:03 Zinoviev didn't die until 1936 in Stalin's purges

Author — Adam Gordon-Boyle


The full German name of the NSDAP is quite a mouthful, eh?

Author — Cancun771


Indy's outfits keep improving and I love it.

Author — Benjamin Crookston


What's odd is that Abel Gance would direct the epic 'Napoléon' in the 1920's, which is pretty much a glorification of France's revolutionary wars and history. How different in tone was 'J'accuse.'

Author — Sem Koops


11:12 Mail bombers have generally learned this lesson, to the point that having too much postage on a package is considered a sign of ill intent.

Author — Brian Jenkins


The story with Einstein seems to be that when he arrived in the US he wore this eyesore of an overcoat, and people were asking him why he wears that beater, to which he replied: "nobody knows me, so, who cares?" and after the atomic bomb demos he was asked the same q's to which he replied: "everyone knows me as an eccentric, so who cares!" A tidbit I heard when I was in college!

Author — Marina Zagrai


2:23 looks a lot different from the ones everyone depicts

Author — pnutz 2 - fmr. capnazrael


3:07 Why does Abel Gance's blink? Did you have to do that to me? thought I was going crazy for a second there.

Author — Andrew Taylor


Indy's outfit has lots of '20s zeitgeist!

Author — Chilly Billy


man, i didnt even recognize Einstein in the thumbnail with the sunglasses on.

Author — dndboy13


Crookes has no impact compared to Grok, inventer of round thing, later known as wheel

Author — Rune Fjord


What's the opposite of how I feel after watching this compared to your war against humanity series?

P.s. That was the best ending to any time ghost episode yet.

Author — Donald MacKay: he or him


I'm ready for muh close-up, Mr. DeMille!

Author — Cancun771